Holiday Party Makeup Looks: Plums and Peach

 Hey Beautiful Dolls! It's that time of year where we area all going to some amazing festivities! I collaborated with some amazing Dolls who are:

Elle from Elle Sees - Gold
Lily from Beauty with Lily -Gold/Cranberry

El from The Beauty Isle - Green/Turquoise
Tanya from Leopard Lace and Cheesecake

 Tanya was so nice to include me in this collaboration which is truly an honor! Now I get nervous during the holiday season and some others can agree with me because we all want to be on point. My makeup skills aren't that great but you have to own what you  have and rock with it. And it can be a time of high stress especially with all the photos that last forever!!. I know I am stressed! LOL.  But don't let that discourage you, for all the makeup beginners or veterans who are trying to learn new technique YOU WILL LOOK FIERCE! THE MAKEUP DOESN'T WEAR YOU, CHILI YOU WEAR THE MAKEUP! Well I created a a simple and subtle Holiday Party Look that I will be rocking at my office party.  I mainly used the "sandwich routine" Where you basically only use 3 colors base,lid, and crease, but I added a hint of a deeper color in my outer v and peach in my inner corners. The sandwich routine is a technique I am more comfortable with because Chili I am not Samantha from Batalash! LOL.  I hope you enjoy this look.

 Before every event if it's small or big I always do a hair mask on my hair to keep the frizz at bay, and I tackle my pores! Because chili I got major pore syndrome. LOL. I also put a heavy handed mask of serum on my face before I go to bed so when I am a sleeping beauty the serum just soaks right into my skin.

 On my eyes 
#5: Base to my shadows
#6: Lid Color
#7: Crease Color
#8 : Subtle hint of color to the outer v
#9: Peach color in inner corners of the eye and upper brow highlight

Cdel Beauty Model Time! 

 Well dolls that's it for my business office look party subtle Cdel Beauty look. Please go check out the other amazing dolls creations I know their looks are amazing! xoxo-C