Birchbox December 2014 Review "BEST BOX EVER!"

 HEY DOLLS HEY! It's that time of the month when Birchboxes are being shipped out to us! And today I received box 1 of 2. I love Birchbox so much chile I have to get me 2 a month! Now I have to boldly say this after this box. That BB did a BAM IN YOUR FACE WE ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST! With this box, ooh wee. I wish I would have recorded my reactions you all dolls would have died laughing. They ended 2014 with a major BANG! Not like some other subscriptions cough cough Ipsy. *But we will get to that once I received it because I have loads to say about it!*

 Now let me stop rambling and show you amazing and fabulous box!

 The box is too gorgeous this month and  I will not be throwing this box away! The theme is All Decked Out and not only do we get the amazing products they also gave us a $10 gift card for the Gap.

This Moisturizer feels super amazing on the skin, leaves your skin feeling like silk!

 I am a huge fan of Vasanti products and this rose gold liner glides on like butter and once it sets it is not moving!

 This is just a foil packet bonus where you can get 2 uses out of the amazing Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer I own the full size but it's nice to have this to take with me if I am running late one day.

NOW I DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN WITH THESE 2 PRODUCTS!! I love the fan brush which is the perfect size to do your highlighting, setting your under eye with powder, blush etc. And to top that it came with Laura's setting powder! I died! because I dropped mine and all the product fell out! This is the best setting powder and adds that brightened appearance to your complexion. I just love it! I couldn't believe that these 2 came in this box. I know Ipsy had the fan brush last month for some subscribers but it didn't come with the setting powder!

 This month's pillow pack came packed with a Beauty Protector oil which is in a great size I would have thought it would have been smaller but no it's a decent size that will last me a very long time. And a Whish shave cream which I am in love with! I received this in my first BB and use it every time I shave I still have plenty so to have a backup is amazing!

 Well Dolls I have to say Birchbox ended 2014 WITH A HUGE BANG.To get all these products for $10 month is pretty unbelievable. I have not been disappointed in any of my Birchboxes and I am so happy to have taken the plunge and gave BB a try.

 Let me know what you received in your Dec 14 Birchbox if you are subscribed to them
Thanks for stopping by until next time xoxo- C

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