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 Press Samples: Hello Beautiful Dolls! I hope all of you are doing great and getting all your Christmas and Holiday last minute things done. I know I still have a few more things to get done, and I know those malls are going to be hectic this weekend. Well I have an exciting brand to introduce to you lovely dolls on Cdel Beauty and that is Cailyn Cosmetics. Some of you may have heard or even tried Cailyn Cosmetics through  beauty subscription services such as Ipsy. Cailyn was one of the featured brands for December Ipsy glambags. Cailyn offers both cosmetics and skincare, that are made with innovative cutting edge technology and amazing ingredients.  So let's get into the review shall we?

Cellborn Exfoliating Peeling Gel

 If I could sum up this review in just one sentence I will state with 100% truth and honesty that this product is heaven in a bottle. I have been testing and using this product for a of couple weeks now and the difference in appearance and the texture of my skin has significantly changed. The scent is amazing it isn't over powering or have that chemical scent. The consistency of the gel is a little bit thick but once you apply it to your skin it instantly soaks it in and when you start messaging in circular motion your dead skin starts to flake off. I don't know about you but I get major justification when I can actually see a product working instantly and I am saying good bye to dead skin and hello gorgeous skin lol. After you rinse your face your skin feels so soft but the appearance is healthy brightened skin. You know how when you use a skincare product that is totally out of this world but your skin will break out and go bad before you get the actual amazing result? Well not this product your skin looks and feels amazing without having your skin go a little bit crazy and breakout. My random dry spots across my face has been nipped in the butt because of  the amazing properties and ingredients in this product. Also if you have oily skin / combination skin your oily spots will start to fade away within a few uses as well. Overall this is a miracle product in a bottle for all skintypes and problems. 

Dizzolv'it Makeup Cleansing Balm

This is not your ordinary makeup remover, this is a solid balm that you use a spatula to scoop up the product then once you apply the product  to your face it starts to melt due to the heat of your body and  instantly it turns into a cleansing moisturizing oil that will melt and dissolve your makeup away.Not only your makeup is being taken off  but the properties of this product causes it to also give your skin a deep cleanse adding nourishment at the same time. I know crazy right!. Then once your massaging your skin and taking the product off all you do is rinse with some water and bam! Your done you don't have to add a moisturizer or a serum because this balm already took care of that for you while you were removing your makeup. I love love this product dolls! If any of you have tried the the new Benefits Their Real Eyeliner you know you have to pick up Benefits remover because you can't take it off with just normal makeup remover. But this! One massage over my eyes and the liner is off without breaking a sweat! If your into body art and body paint this is a product you must have in your collection because the removal of the makeup is so easy and FAST!

Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint

 If your looking for something long wearing and long lasting color then this product is for you. They have a total of 4 shades with 4 new shades that are being released very shortly. Once you apply this to your bare lips and it sets dolls it's not moving what so ever! You can drink, eat even greasy foods! Normally I always say you can eat non greasy foods for the lip product to still be on your lips but dolls you can eat a hamburger and your lip color is still there!  The long wear isn't tight or uncomfortable after a while , I forget I even have it on at times no lie :) which is a major plus in my book. If your lips feel a little bit dry or you want a little bit of a shine to your lips just add a balm or lip gloss on top and you will be good. The color Illusionist is a perfect Kylie Jenner lip color, I know many of the dolls are always looking for products that will look close to or exactly as her signature lip colors so I highly suggest Illusionist for you if your looking for that perfect Kylie lip.  And if your looking for a true red then Expressionist is a color you might want to check out. 

 Well dolls overall I give Cailyn Cosmetics A's across the board. Their skincare products and makeup collection are beyond amazing. I was not disappointed with anything and it over exceeded my expectations.  If you want to check out their vast makeup and skincare collection  then just click on the link below. And let me know which products that you would love to try in the comment section below.

 Thanks so much for stopping by until next time xoxo- Cyndi

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