New CoverGirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara Review

 Hello Beautiful Dolls! I don't know where you dolls live but yesterday was nice and sunny people weren't wearing jackets then out of no where a freaking snow storm!! I couldn't even see while I was driving under that blanket of snow. I mean it was in 2 minutes the weather took the turn for the worst! Well anywhoizzle  while beboppin around Walmart the other day I cam across the new CoverGirl mascara in Full Lash Bloom here's what CoverGirl claims about this product are

 At Walmart they had 3 total choices of shades for this mascara  Brown, Black and Very Black, I picked up Very Black because I wanted to see if it truly was very black.

The bristle of the brush is slightly flexible, I find that the points of the bristles are a little bit to pointy for me personally. When I accidentally jabbed my eyes while I was trying to apply the product to my lower lash line it would hurt!

 I did like how there was a sealed top to the body of the mascara when you took it out of the packaging. I don't rarely ever purchase CoverGirl mascaras and I don't know if this is standard like the rest of their mascara collection. I haven't payed any attention to that when I am at the stores. Next time I am going to have to check that out,

Here are the Results of the performance of the product

 After a few days of testing this product out I am on the fence it's not that great and it's not the worst. CG claims that your lashes will still be soft to the touch. Which it doesn't make a difference they still feel textured feeling to the touch. When they say that I feel like I am going to have that no mascara softness even if you only coated your lashes once you still feel the texture. I didn't like how there was a lot of transfer of the product to my upper and bottom lids. NO matter how hard I tried to not get any transfer it still did. The product did separate my lashes and gave me some volume, but it did flake out on me and during hot flashes this mascara gave me panda eyes.  After 3 coats my lashes started to sort of clump together and give me that spider eyed  look which I am not a big fan of.

 After all that being said I would still recommend it to you dolls, but you could skip out on it as well.
 Let me know in the comments below what you think of this new mascara do you plan on picking it up?

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