OFRA Cosmetics Review

Press Samples: OFRA is a brand that many of us have grown to love through the power of beauty subscription services. I have added quite a few of their products into my makeup collection through those services and each and every product I have received I have never! Been Disappointed! I have a few products that I have been using everyday for the past 2 weeks since I received them and if you want to get more information about the products just click read more

 Hey Dolls! I have some amazing products to share with you all so let's jump right  into them shall we?

 This blush has 4 strips of neutral colors that create the perfect Terracotta shade.  Highly pigmented, you can build up the color intensity and blend for a gorgeous warm to your cheeks. This product is very multi functioning you can use any of the darker 2 shades or swirl your brush with all of the colors to use for contouring. As well as using the 4 strips for eyeshadow, and using the lighter color for highlighting. 

 Oh Dolls I love this product to death! It is literally one of the best illuminating blushes that I own. You can also use it as a highlighter, eyeshadow, and bronzing. Each strip is highly pigmented and the texture is silky smooth for easy application. If you take your brush and swirl all the colors together you will get the most gorgeous rose gold highlight. If JLO and Kim K had triplets this illuminating blush would be one of their babies. LOL.

Ok, I know you will think I am over stating how amazing this gel liner is, because OFRA sent it to me. I am not I speak the 1000% truth when it comes to letting you dolls know the T on each and every product. But!! This liner is hands down the best best gel liner I own. I have my top 7 go to liners but this one blew my number 1 holy grail liner out of the water and into deep space LOL *oh the dramatics!* Super pigmented, easy to work with, sets and stays on your lids for dear life. I love this color which is perfect for the  Fall / Winter seasons. Better yet all year round. With my first impressions of this liner I felt that the real creamy consistency would make it really hard to work with and set for an 8hr work day. But I was so wrong this liner works like a dream!

  These foundation sticks are a newly released launch from OFRA. There is a total of 7 shades to choose from. They have your lighter shades to your deeper shades with a mix of warm and cool undertones. I was pretty shocked when I first swatched these. The  consistency is very creamy and has a mousse like texture to it. When applying the foundation it glides on to your skin like melted butter in an oven. These foundation sticks offer mid to full coverage, they a so pigmented you have to be careful by not going heavy handed with the foundation. A little bit goes a very long way, once you buff out the product it melts into your skin and delivers this a gorgeous airbrush finish. I have received so many compliments when I use these foundations which still mind boggles me because not to many people ever compliment my complexion.  I like to also use the lighter shade in #20 for highlighting and the shade #22 for a more natural contour. 

 This eyeshadow is really creamy, pigmented, and long wearing. You can use this by itself for a base to your eyeshadows  to intensify and prolong the length of wear. I  also like to dab this product in all areas I highlight for a more awaken complexion. 

 Oh Dolls! Oh Dolls! These long wear lipsticks are so out of this world it's unbelievable. Think about going to Sherman Williams to pick of up a can paint, that's basically what these are. Lip Paint! They are super pigmented, once they set they will not move, budge even if you are drinking,eating, and kissing! Each name for the colors that I received are so perfect and go hand and hand. They are a little bit on the dryer side so moisturizing your lips before or after you apply these lippies you will be set.

 Well Dolls that's it for the products that I have from OFRA if you have not checked out their website and their amazing collection click the link below so you can go check it out.

 Thanks So much dolls for stopping by always remember everyday is your runways so you better work it!

 Until Next Time xoxo, 

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