Birchbox November 2014 Unboxing #1

 Hey Beautiful Dolls it's that time of the month when one of my favorite beauty subscription service is shipping out our boxes fulled with amazingness!! I don't understand why before when I subscribed to Birchbox I always heard a huge mix of reviews and most of them were negative. But! I have not had a box in the past 4 months I have been subscribed to Birchbox I have not been disappointed, to the point I have subscribed to 2 boxes!

 This month Birchbox did an amazing thing by partnering up with (RED) to help promote awareness with HIV and AIDS. For each photo you take of the red mailer your box comes in and hash tag #shared Birchbox will donate 1.00 for every picture shared and posted. Which is truly amazing because I have a personal run in with HIV and AIDS. My cousin died of AIDS when I was about 13 years old. His fiance didn't tell him she was infected and ended up infecting him. With out the advancements that we have today he didn't stand a chance of survival. He was affected for 8 months and the illness took him away from us rapidly. To know that a beauty subscription service is promoting awareness is a big blessing. To help others fight the fight for life against this disease.

 I was not expecting my box today because I had just received my tracking number yesterday, so this box and it's contents were a complete surprise. So let's get into this box of goodie goodness shall we?

Amika Nourishing Hair Mask Full Size $28

 The scent right off the back smells amazing! I have been wanting to try this particular brand ever since I have seen it in someone's unboxing just the packaging alone is super cute and eye catching. I do believe there is enough product to get a good few uses out of it. 

dr.brandt  pores no more vacuum cleaner full size $45

 I actually received this product a couple boxes ago in one of the 2 boxes I get monthly and I actually really enjoyed it. I didn't give me that instant gratification that the pores strips are but it did do a amazing job at clearing up my skin. 

MAKE silk cream lipstick & lip primer full size $36

 Well dolls I don't know exactly how I feel about this simple. It reminds me of small pill packets. It just feels really inconvienent because I would need a lip brush to apply these and I wouldn't be able to put it in my makeup bag that I curry with me everywhere. And if I open one the part that is air sealed tight once it is opened the product can get drier and expire quickly. Other than that the colors look amazing. 

Not Soap, Radio Joy Radiant Body Wash Full Size $16

This is a great sample size in my opinion, I will be able to get quite a few uses out of it. I was a little bit worried that the lemon scent would be overpowering me and I wouldn't like. But once I smelled it OMG it smells amazing , clean and fresh. I don't know if this will turn my day around if I am in a bad mood, but we can see if it does work a little bit.

Pillow Pack Time!!

 Ruffian Nail Lacquer in Naked full size $10

 The Dolls at Birchbox especially Rachel Jo Silver swear by and speak a lot about this nail polish brand. They are a 5 free nail polish brand, and the packaging is so cute and adorable! I am super excited to give this.

Chocopods in Firecracker Full Size $1.00

When I heard they were passing these out in our boxes I was a little bit worried I would get one that I would despise because i am super picky especially when it comes to those frur frur ones lol. But this was the best chocolate ever!! I am addicted to things that have sea salt in them and what you know this had sea salt! Plus after I finished the bar it started popping like pop rocks. Which in my book it's pretty cool!! 

 Well that's it for my November 2014 box, I am pretty impressed and happy with this box and for the simple fact it was a true surprise it was even better! The only semi disappointing one is the MAKE sample it just a little bit of an inconvenience. 

 Well Dolls if you are subscribed to Birchbox let me know what you received, I will come back with mini reviews once I get box number 2 and share with you what I received in that box. 

 Thanks for stopping by
Until Next Time xoxo 

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