Birchbox Vs Ipsy November 2014

 Hey Dolls! It's that time when Ipsy finally came, this is the first month so far this year that I  was literally excited for my Ipsy bag to come. Like I have stated in previous posts I used to be all about Ipsy you always received full size or really great travel sizes of makeup products where you could have recreated a full look with what they were sending us with. Now, it's more you get 1 bath and body, skincare, 1 makeup, lips. So I can see the trend that they are going more the Birchbox route of having one product for each. I get that it works great for Birchbox because that's how they first started but a out far left field Ipsy started to do the same. Why fix something if it aint broken!?


 This months theme is Girl Meets Glitter Kinda reminds of the similar theme ,products and brands for November 2013. Now! I have a bone to pick with Ipsy! Where is Michelle Phan all you see is these 3 girls about 90% of the time this year. It doesn't feel organic I feel that they are there in place to bring them more fame. I rather have the product card back with the descriptions and prices, I am not liking not knowing that!!!

 The featured brand of the month who Ipsy Collaborated with in the bag design is Forever 21.  The bag is rubberized to the touch. It's cute I actually like it :)

 Now the products I received is more like the Ipsy I personally used to know and love! I know some people get all upset when I voice my opinions about either Ipsy or Birchbox. That's why we live in the land of the free. My opinions and your opinions are both valid so we can agree to disagree :)

 I am actually really happy with the products that I received minus one hiccup the temptu highlighter I received didn't have a cap on and it leaked all over the products. I had to clean up everything before I took the pictures. I was able to see that  I salvaged a couple of drops lol.     

 Overall I am very impressed by this bag! It reminds me of the great sizes ie full size! travel size! More Makeup! I had more makeup this bag then I did all year. This bag is 9 out of 10 due to the spillage of the temptu


 I am in love with this box! The hair product smells kinda bad but does a good job. The perfume smells heavenly. I hate getting perfume in my subscriptions but every single perfume I have received from Birchbox I have purchased! The full size Eyeko eye crayon is amazeballs! I love it love it love it! Overall this box gets a 9/10 due to the bag scent of the hair product.

 So far this month is a TIE!
 Let me know what you dolls got this month and I will catch you on the flip side xoxo- C

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