New L'oreal Infallible Makeup Extender Setting Spray Review

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  Hey Beautiful Dolls! L'oreal has recently launch their first makeup SETTING SPRAY! Called Infallible Pro-Spray & Set Makeup Extender Setting Spray. Now many of makeup enthusiasts went bonkers when we heard of the launching. I know that they were starting to pop up at certain Bed Bath and Beyonds for $13 and some change. I happen to find this one at CVS for $16.99 I had a heart attack when I saw that hefty price tag!!!  Thank goodness I had a L'oreal $2.00 off coupon or chilie I so would have left it! But I was so curious on the performance on this product it got the best of me!

 L'oreal's claims on the bottle is" for long lasting finish extends just applied makeup," On the back of the bottle it has some indications on what the spray is used for.  

 I do like how they broken it down in the back which makes it very shopper friendly especially if you are new to art of applying makeup or your not to sure what this spray will actually do. It brakes it down into Texture, Action, and Use/ Usage. I do feel just by those categories that L'oreal will make more sprays like this that will fit into those categories.  Let me know what you think about that if you agree with me about that.   For me personally I would love it if they came out with a prep your skin before you apply makeup spray in the drugstore. I have always felt that us beauties on a budget really need something like that in the market especially in our drugstores!!! 

 The bottle is rubberized and sleek kinda reminds me of  Urban Decay's packaging. They also indicated how to apply the spray in the T-zone and the infamous X across your face. For me personally I am not a big fan of the X,  I personally just spray all over my face and keep it trucking I am not all about that life!. How is applying the mist in an X going to do for me? NOTHING! lol! 



It has your normal Spray Bottle Top

 Now To the big question does this really work?

I have been using this product for a few days now, and I suffer from major hot flashes due to one my medicines and some health problems I have. So in order for me to even see anything on my face from the time I applied it to the time I get to work and not have all that hard work melt off. I need to SPRAY, SET AND EXTEND MY MAKEUP!! Or I would have done my makeup FOR NO REASON!! 
    This does have nice fine mist which is  comparable to any Urban Decay sprays within the first initial contact with your skin.. It doesn't cause your face to feel like you just had a cup of water thrown at you, so that's a big plus in my opinion. There isn't any harsh or irritating scent, which to me it  smells really fresh and invigorating. Your skin doesn't feel sticky or tacky once it settles on to your skin, and doesn't cause your eyes to burn. Which is great because ohh wee!  I have some sprays that they  burn my eyes so bad I have to keep them close for 1 minute until it dries up before I can open them again. Or my eyes will be blood shot red for the almost half the day! 
  For me personally the spray didn't perform to it's best for me and my skin. Like I stated earlier I need a really great spray to lock in and hold my makeup or it will melt away and it will!. Unfortunately it did not lock in my makeup or prolonged my foundation.  I think of it this way if it didn't uphold my makeup during a hot flash how is it going to hold it up in a warmer climate? 

 For being $17 at CVS I can buy a higher end one for a few dollars more and get a better performing setting spray. I feel that CVS is robbing the beauties on a budget with this ridiculous price point for a product that doesn't perform that great in my personal opinion. You might pick this up and it will work amazing for you which is fantastic but I am going to be returning this spray because it's a waste of money for me personally.

 Well Dolls that's it for me on this product let me know what your thoughts if your planning on purchasing this or if you picked up what do you think of it? Also do you agree with me on the robbery that CVS is doing with this ridiculous price point? I am dying to hear your feed back!!

 Thanks for stopping by Until Next Time XoXo

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