Wantable July 2014 Makeup Box Review

PR: Hello Beautiful Dolls it's Sunny here in Cleveland Ohio and I am feeling happy my dad finally is out of the Hospital after so much going back in forth the past month. And my July Wantable happen to hit my mailbox and I am L 0 V E! and a little confused we will get to that later on!  Wantable's theme of the month is all about When the lazy days of summer set in, we like to streamline and simplify our morning beauty routines and get back to basics. Their beauty products were coordinated by Sacha Selhi  who is the director of artistry for Vincent Longo Cosmetics who I have had the wonderful pleasure of working with. Their featured brands for the month was Vincent Longo,Tarina Tarantino, OFRA, Mica Beauty, Three Custom Color, and Mirabella. If you want to see what I received in this month's box click read more for the full scoop~

 If you are not to sure what Wantable is or why you should sign up to them Wantable is a monthly beauty subscription service where you take a very intensive! Questionnaire where they ask you all about your likes to dislikes. Down to the shades of the products or if the finish of the products like your mattes, satin, glittery.  You can either pay $36 a month for your subscription or if you just want to give it a go with out subscribing you just pay $40 for that month and then if you love you enroll for the next month. All products are FULL SIZE! AND DOUBLE THE VALUE THAT YOU PAY! I also do love how each month you do have to retake the quiz if you want to or keep the the same quiz from last month if nothing has changed. You can choose between 3 boxes Makeup, Accessories, and Intimates. If you do not like your box you can ship it back and get your full refund. 

Now Wantable doesn't do big sneak peeks like Ipsy or Birchbox but this month Jordan Liberty who is an editor for Wantable gave a small sneak peek of the a few products from the brands that are being Feature for the Month of July.  So let's get into this box shall we?

Mirabella Lipstick in Volatile $22
This lipstick is such a highly pigmented hot fierce color! It glides on to your lips like oozing melted butter. Lasts about 3-4 hours with talking and eating non- greasy foods. It has kind of a waxing smell but the smell dissipates after you apply the product to your lips after within a few seconds.

Mica Beauty Idefine Liquid Eye Liner in black $30

 When I saw the $30.00 price tag I gave a chuckle I thought Really MICA! but when you know that saying never judge a book by its cover or price tag? *added that one in last minute lol* As soon as you swatch it IT DRIES INSTANTLY TO DOESN'T BUDGE MOVE NOTHING! YOU CAN TRY TO RUB IT OFF! BUT IT'S NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!  It's very precise and you can cry or get caught under the summer rain and it's not budging! So all in all I would pay that $30 price tag!

OFRA Liquid Blush $20
I love the packaging of the product makes it easy for application in my personal opinion, even though it's a really pretty color but when you apply it to your cheeks its very light so you have to really build up the color. When I swatched the product on my inner arm and it's a lot lighter then my arm or cheeks once I swatched it and blended it out you really couldn't tell it was even there. So then I tried it on my upper fore arm where I am more tanner and you could see the color a little bit better. Overall I do like the product just wished that I didn't have to build it up so much to get the color pay off that I would want in a blush at it's final finished look.

And Last but not least Tarina Tarantino Jewel Shadow Palette in Nude $32
Ok, this product makes me scream and shout and let it all out every time I use it! It's so gorgeous the colors are EXTREMELY PIGMENTED!, silky, butter smooth, easy to blend out, cute packaging and very portable to take around with you. The colors in the palette compliment each other so well together. You can create a gorgeous elaborate look, or you can use 3 shadows for a sandwich look or only use 2 shades. No matter how you use this palette the finally results is FIERCENESS AND GORGEOUS! Also! I love how you can use these shadows with or without a primer! and you really don't need a primer. In the picture I showed the swatches with out using any primer!

Overall I love this box each product is just perfect for me from the shades to the delivery and performance I would ever want in a product. The only 2 cons I have for this box and Wantable. #1 the Blush still going to use it and add it into my routine just wished I didn't have to build up the color so much, and #2 which isn't going to stop me from loving Wantable just kinda ehh kinda irritates me in a small tiny way that I have noticed especially in the past from receiving Wantable but it kind of really irked me this month because ooh wee! some of the stuff looked amazing. I noticed that I have always received 4 full size products each and every time I receive a Wantable box for review. Now I noticed it more this month more than others that a lot of people will get 5-6 products while others get 4. And I have seen that some of the people who will get 4 products have LOVE, LIKE almost all across the board which makes the Loves and Likes very flexible to fit any products for them. So why do some people get 4 and others get 5-6. That's the only thing that kinda throws me off with Wantable but other than that I love them! They are one of my all time favorites Beauty Subscription Services. 

 Well Dolls Thank You So much for stopping by let me know if you have tried Wantable's service and what you think of it. If you have not tried out Wantable and would like to sign up for it just click on the image below and you can check it out and see which of the services that Wantable has to offer and if you decide to subscribe let me know which box you picked up.

Ok Dolls Big Hugs to you and always remember!:


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