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PR: Gorgeous Cosmetics  was founded in Melbourne, Australia, by award-winning Makeup Artist, David McConnell. Beautiful glowing skin, glamorous eyes, radiant cheeks and a touch of color to your lips. The philosophy of Gorgeous Cosmetics is about using makeup to create a simple yet glamorous look that embraces your own natural beauty.The Gorgeous product range features an array of base, lip and eye cosmetics, so you can create flawless looks with ease. Enriched with anti-aging and healing ingredients such as Chamomile, Aloe Vera and Vitamins A & E, the Gorgeous Cosmetics range embodies quality to create a complete Pro makeup collection. Today I have a couple of products that I have been wearing and using these wonderful products for a while. 

 Hello Beautiful Dolls! I hope your still having a wonderful summer! I am finally enjoying my summer after being in the hospital almost every single day for the past month. So now that my dad's health is more stabilized I am loving the fun sun and warm weather. Speaking of Warm weather I am going to introduce to you an amazing brand whose products especially foundation! Last and doesn't melt off in the warm climate. Gorgeous Cosmetics has quickly become one of my go to brands. SO let's get into the products shall we??

Their foundation runs more unique like Mac does with their products. So the product will be more in tune and melt into your skin becoming one with your skin enhancing your natural beauty.

 FIRST, FIND YOUR NUMBER (this is the intensity)
- Our light tone is #1
-#2 is our medium range
-#3 is for tanned skin and
- 4 and 5 are for deeper skin tones.

SECOND, FIND YOUR LETTER (this is the undertone)
-The letter should match the undertone of your skin:

N= Neutral (if your undertone is between yellow & pink— a balanced undertone)
NB= Neutral Beige (closer to pinkish undertones)
B= Beige/Pink (beige/pinkish undertones)
Y= Yellow
D= Dark

Foundation $45
Oil free and long lasting, this silky foundation delivers flawless results for a perfect complexion. The smooth, oil free emulsion blends effortlessly onto the skin. Special light diffusing pigments amplify the light, giving skin the appearance of a healthy luminosity. Contains Vitamins A and E to soothe and condition the skin. Medium to full coverage, suitable for all skin types. Blend onto skin using Foundation Brush #025 or a sponge. 30ml. 

 I love this foundation, it really becomes one with your skin. Has mid to full coverage. Doesn't look cakey when you build up the coverage. The consistency is a little bit of the thick side but the application process is very easy to build and blend out. If you have oily to combination skin like me your oily areas and dry patches will not be noticeable, but you will have to blot once through out your day. This foundation does last for me personally about 7-8 hours. This product has 9/10 Cdel's. 

Everyday Beauty 8 pan Eyeshadow Palette $59
 This palette is gorgeous and highly pigmented. Each shade is perfect for creating an everyday and night out on the town look. There is a great mix of finishes from satin, to that chromoish look. I use the shade number #3 shade for a great transition shade for my eye looks. It's a gorgeous shade to set up any look I do. Each color in the palette compliment each other very well, there isn't a color in the palette that I am like really? how does this go good together?  I love the sleek makeup professional look this palette has I feel FANCY you already know! hahah. I love IGGY!  Overall this palette is 10/10 Cdel's! 

 Well dolls head on over to check Gorgeous Cosmetics out and see the amazing product selection they have! I also want to mention the packaging is amazing! on the bottom of each package the bottom is red! Like Louis Vuitton!

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Side Note: I have received this product about a month ago, normally I put my posts within a 2 week period of trying out the products. This Brand is one of the only ones who truly was patient and understanding with my family emergency with my father's health. Dealing with problems with his brain was truly a stressful time, and Gorgeous Cosmetics really understood and was amazing about it!  I normally don't do personal side notes like this but I can not even express what wonderful people work and represent that brand. They truly are  A GORGEOUS GROUP OF PEOPLE! to talk to and work with. 

Well dolls tell me in the comment section below what you thought of their products! You Know I need all the deets! 
Until Next Time xoxo

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