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PR: Cover FX is created and founded as an Ontario Corporation. Created based on the need for products that would offer therapeutic benefits and environmental protection while being free of all irritants and suitable for even the most sensitive skin in 2000. Cover FX creates makeup products that help you look your best while actually improving your skin over time. Foundation is our specialty and our mission is to give every woman her perfect match. With over 25 inclusive shades, our unique formulas provide a precise match, based on your undertone, for skin of all ethnicities. I just love what this Company stands for, and their mission. Normally you encounter companies who claims they will make you beautiful while you wear their products. I have been using their products for a few weeks now and I am super impressed on the quality of the products. 

 Hello Beautiful Dolls! I personally have had a love, hate, and a divorce with my skin. Sometimes I look flawless no pimples, not breakouts, no redness. Then my skin can go from 0 to 60 in 0.000005 of a second.  It doesn't matter whatever the case maybe  my skin is a roller coaster at 6 flags and  I just can't put a finger on it. 

Now, I normally don't do the right things to treat my skin in an acne breakout to be honest with you. I just pick out them because I am a picker and it's my nature to do so. So treating my skin sometimes to me takes the fun out of it, but I fail to realize that doing things like that and not treating it and using the proper products to help mend my divorce. I fail to comply and no alimony or prenup involved I always end up regretting the pimple scars on my face even more. Does anyone who has acne can agree with me HECK NO TO PIMPLE SCARS! Well I have been using a few of Cover FX's products that help with acne and let me tell you I have made up with my skin on the bad days.

So let's start out with their newly released Blemish Treatment Primer $22
  • "This primer preps blemishes perfectly, creating a smooth surface for flawless makeup application and longer-lasting coverage."
Now, I have been using this product not as a primer but as a spot treatment for when I have sudden breakouts and even on some body acne that I have.  When you are treating your skin it's best to wash your hands really good or use a brush. Cover Fx's brush for the blemish treatment is a great way to apply the product in a sterile condition so you are less prone to spread more germs to that area which is infected from staph and such things of that nature. I dab a couple of drops onto the brush and start applying it all over my targeted areas. The key ingredient is  Salicylic Acid 0.5% which is vastly used to treat acne, it does not contain any of the following: Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Fragrance, Gluten, Mineral Oil, Talc which is great because your getting a whole bunch of ingredients that are not really good for treating a certain problem like acne you don't want to irritate your skin even more.  When you first apply the product it has a little bit of a stinging feeling for 10 seconds tops! and the areas that I use this product to treat takes about 3-4 days in clearing up my skin when applying it once in the am and once in the pm. I highly recommend this product I don't know if you are supposed to use the product in areas besides your face but for me personally! It works wonders on my body acne that I have in certain areas.


Mattyifying Primer with Acne Treatment $38

  • "This lightweight, mattifying gel-primer minimizes the appearance of fine lines and pores. It also facilitates blending and extends your foundation while preventing and healing acne blemishes, all the while providing an instant mattifying effect, leaving skin texture looking flawless."
This primer does everything that it Cover FX states it would. It's a clear gel based formula it is not to thick or watered down consistency. It's nothing like a silicone based primer, or cream based primer that I am used to. After using this gel based formula I actually prefer it more than the other formulas I have tried in the past. Now, don't think I am saying this because I am reviewing the product for the company, but really Have you ever tried a gel based primer? It's different it sets into your skin nicely, causing your foundation to glide on from your to watered down foundation to your thick full coverage foundation. The primer prolongs your makeup for a good locked in 8-9 hours, then you get the added benefits of treating your skin with your acne breakouts while your trying your hardest to cover them up in the first place.  When your putting product on your skin and not treating it just makes your skin even more irritated  which causes even more breakouts. So why not still continue to do your full makeup routine but treat your skin at the same time trust me your skin is going to love you for that! 


BB Gel- Mattifying Anti- Blemish Treatment $45
Claims and details:
"This lightweight formula treats blemishes, mattifies without drying and provides powerful antioxidant protection with buildable coverage and a matte finish.High water based foundations, such as our BB Gel, always dry lighter. The water affects the colour of the pigment, causing it to look darker initially, but when it evaporates, the dry down is lighter and shows the true colour of the product.Salicylic Acid and Thyme extract treat blemishes (even hormonal acne) while Babchi Seed Extract increases cell renewal. Contains EVERMAT ™ which reduces the production of sebum, shrinks pore size and controls shine. Laponite ™ acts like a natural clay, retaining up to 8% of its weight in water leaving skin matte without drying. Vitamin C+E provide powerful protection from environmental stresses and protect against premature skin aging. Phytosphingosine plus Bisabolol, reduce redness and soothe inflammation. SK-influx V + a synergistic blend of Ceramides restore the skin’s protective moisture barrier and improve elasticity."

 This BB Gel is my go to, my new holy grail, and my new found love. I ain't going to lie to kick it with you, I hated this product the first couple of days of using it. I didn't like how it felt on my skin, the wear on it, I just didn't like any of it. But! As a good editor and reviewer of all things beauty I stuck it in, and on the 5th day I fell in love and head over heels. After using it a while I noticed my skin look great, and the finish of the product. For me and on my skin it looks like a mix of satin and a dewy finish. The consistency is a little bit watered down, but when you apply it all over your skin if your using your hands or a brush it just melts into your skin. While delivering a gorgeous look while treating your skin. The gel lasts about 6-7 hours before a touch up with blotting papers or a powder. And your skin while start to clear up within a few days of using this product consistently.  Let me warn you if you pick up this product or test it out at Sephora when you first apply it, You look really really odd,  but once it settles you just look gorgeous. That's because of the technology this product is made of, that's why I had to include that in the claims portion,  to show how Cover FX really has the best technology and innovations when they are creating a product. 


Total Cover Cream Foundation $42
"An antioxidant-rich, 2-in-1 concealer and foundation offering broad spectrum SPF 30 protection with medium to full, buildable coverage."

If you like full coverage then this cream foundation is made for you. The product is really creamy and on the thick side, but once you apply it to your skin with a brush or a beauty blender it's fairly easy to blend onto your skin. Lasts about 8 hours or even more. I know on a 10 hour work shift I don't have to blot or touch up  even once. It will show your dry areas so you really have to moisturize really good. I have noticed when I don't use a primer that vanishes the look of my pores the foundation will settle into them causing you to look like you have orange pores. *Best way I can explain it*  Like I stated in the beginning of the post Cover FX has all the shades you can think of so any color type of skin tone can and WILL find the perfect shade for them. So with this product there is great vast of shade options to choose from. 

Illuminating Setting Powder

  • "'This powder is rich in antioxidants to soothe and reduce redness and extend foundation wear to last all day. It also provides moisturizing benefits and controls shine while offering a light luminous finish."
 Cover FX really thinks their products and packaging through and it shows. This product is great for setting your makeup,highlighting just delivers great luminosity. It's a loose powder that has a sifter, normally when products are in a sifter you have to pull of that sticker that seals the holes off. Which leads it to become very messy when you are tapping the product out, and not even the messy part that gets me at times it's the wasted money. I have dropped my loose products so many times and it has spilled all over the place.  Just drives me bonkers, this particular product once you twist the sifter it opens up you tap a couple times to get the desired amount then close it back up. Your will not get a boat load of product all over the place, and just waste it. I am loving that simple technology. Now I really haven't used this product as a setting powder more so as a highlighter. I have been in on the hunt for just a white highlighter which is pretty hard to come by these days. You either get rose gold, gold, champagne, pink, white with a pink undertone. But not just a plain old white highlight, so when I saw how gorgeous this product on the first initial swatch I fell in love. 


Well dolls the quality, performance and delivery of all of these products are outstanding, there's a great range of shades to choose from, treats your skin while you are wearing the products. Check out Cover FX's website and check their amazing collection and let me know which ones you must own in your life or the ones you have tried and tested and leave them in the comment section below I would love to know what your thoughts are. 

Ok Dolls Thanks So Much for Stopping by today and for your prayers and get well wishes for my dad and I will Talk to You in the next one. XoXo

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