DERMAdoctor Review #1

PR:No intro to a post could ever add up to grand introduction to this brand I am going to introduce to you today on Cdel Beauty. I don't even know where to begin when writing this post, to be honest with you. I have hit delete and cut/copy all over the place to express to you guys how much this brand and products have changed my life. DERMAdoctor has some what helped me get some of my confidence back on a flaw that is caused by one of my illnesses. I dreaded this flaw each and every single day of my life, since I was first diagnosed with this particular illness. I used to hide my self even more so people don't stare and laugh at me. I will be sharing with you in photos so you can see the results, for yourself. Please  leave your judgments at the door, this is really hard and embarrassing for myself to share this imperfection with you but! I have to get the point of across on how beyond amazing DERMAdoctor's products are! 

 Hello Beautiful Dolls! I hope your day is fantastic when you are reading this post, I wanted to share with you this amazing brand that has changed my life. DERMAdoctor was started by Dr. Kunin who studied right in my home state of Ohio who strongly believes that nature and medicine can work synergistically, Dr. Kunin has created many clinically proven, patent-pending formulations that target a number of overlooked yet common skin concerns. Dr. Kunin believes consulting with a dermatologist should be convenient, informative and economical. Aware that in today's maze of health care such personal treatment is not always possible she moved her office on-line and DERMAdoctor.com was born in December of 1998. There is a great range of products to fit any type of skin concerns. She has been a featured contributor for Dr. OZ and you know this man doesn't work with just anybody!! 

  I have 2 products to share with you on this 1st series of posts I will be sharing with you on a few of DERMAdoctor's products. I wanted to share a deep rooted promblem I have with my skin especially in one particular area.  Let's take a closer look at these 2 products shall we?

DD Cream Dermatological defining BB Cream SPF 30 $38:

The alphabet soup stops here, DD does it all.  Our Dermatologists’ Dream Cream defines, delays, defends, delights and delivers.  This multifunctional corrective beauty balm provides 15 healthy skin benefits and a white sapphire complex that leaves skin healthy and naturally gorgeous.

I personally like this DD cream it evens out my skin tone perfect as a primer or a day that I want light to mid coverage so my skin can breath in this hot climate. The shade adjusts to your skintone in less than a minute. My inner forearm is lighter than my upper arm and each location I apply this product it really fits it's shade perfectly. I like to mix this product with a liquid illuminator for that gorgeous JLO glow. I have combination skin, so the areas where I am dry is not noticeable and my oily areas are mattified and I only have to touch up with powder once while wearing it for an 8hour day. The consitency is not to watered down or to thick making it a very easy application using your fingers or foundation brush.  Overall this DD cream get's a 8/10 Cdels. 

Brazilian Bombshell $48

This particular product is the one that helped "Cdel Beauty get her GROOVE AND CONFIDENCE BACK!!!" 

The Brazilian Bombshell is skin perfecting body BB cream product claims:
A tonic of Brazilian rainforest botanicals historically used as aphrodisiacs (fun fact!) help perfect the skin while a Flawless Sapphire Complex™ helps blur skin imperfections.  Also incorporates antioxidants and a broad spectrum SPF 30 to protect against free radical damage and harmful UV rays.  Goes on with a lightweight, non-greasy texture.  ¡Viva Brasil!
Brazilian Botanical Trio
  • Pfaffia Paniculata Root Extract  aka Brazilian Ginseng
  • Ptychopetalum Olacoides Bark & Stem Extract  aka Marapuama
  • Trichilia Catigua Extract  aka Catuaba

I thank God that I had this wonderful opportunity to try out this brand especially this product! 2 yrs ago I was affected by health issues that prevented me from working for nearly 2 years. While my body was going through all this changes with these health problems one part of my body would affect another. One of my diagnoses was lymphedema my legs and feet swell up to disfigured proportions I have horrible circulation all over my body causing certain areas to look like someone took a hammer and just beat me with it. My feet are the ones that look the worst due to the swelling. I don't like to wear shorts or even flip flops due to the disfiguring appearance  and the black and blueness of my legs and feet. I feel super embarrassed because I know people look and stare but now! I can actually were cargo shorts and not be so focused in on how they look and worried about what everyone else is going to think. This product doesn't cause it to competely disappear  but after each application I can  see the black and blue to be toned down is a a major blessing in my book!

After I apply this product all over the place especially that problem area it looks blurred, evened out, and less noticeable my close loved ones who see it everyday totally agree with me and get so excited how I can feel a little bit better about myself. I will purchase this product for the rest of my life because lympthedema is not ever going to go away, but at least I know something that will mask that imprefection. 

Well Dolls I shared with you something that really makes me feel embarrassed about, but I don't have to feel that way so much anymore all thanks to DERMAdoctor's creator and founder Dr. Kunin I could never Thank Her enough for her innovative products. This is the first time in a couple of years I have worn FLIP FLOPS!!! 

 Well dolls, Thanks so much for stopping by let me know in the comment section below if you have tried DERMAdoctor if not please go check our their amazing product selection. 

Remember Everyday is your runways so you better work it! xoxo

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