Wet N Wild Fergie Center Stage Collection On edge long wear eyeliners

 Wet n Wild has been busting out new products for the original Wet n Wild line as well for the Fergie Centerstage collection. The centerstage collection has new mattifying powder, lip stains, gel eye liners, the list goes on. The beauty feature of the day is on one of their newest products the "on edge long wear eyeliners" Click to read more~

  The on edge liners come in several shades to choose from they have white, black, brown, green, fushia pink, purple, and blue. So there is a wide range of shades to choose from which I really do like! The names of the centerstage collection reminds me so much of the fun Urban Decay names, but the products are more than half the cost cheaper.

 For $3.00 you get a good size amount of product, they are self sharpening eye liners which to me I am o.k. with but your gonna need a good sharpener. I used 3 different sharpeners to file down the plastic body to get the point of the product just right so I don't scratch my eyes out.  They do not say waterproof but when they say it's long wear Doll it's long wear! After a work day I can still see the product on my water liner without it running down under my eyes making me look like a raccoon.

 They have great pigmentation so you don't have to build up the intensity of the colors and when I tell you it glides on like butter it goes on smoother than butter. No tugging or hurting your eyes unless you don't sharpen it good, so please make sure you do I don't want any of my dolls getting hurt. They have different finishes from a satin chromisk to a matte finish.  Overall I give this product an A for great price and performance I do not know if they are limited editions I checked the packaging and display numerous times I didn't see it on there but you never know.

So Dolls have you tried the on edge long wear eyeliners what is your input on them? Did you love them or leave em. If you haven't tired these if not  what color do you want to try out? Let me know Yall I need the Deets!!

 I wanted to Thank You so much for stopping by and remember "Everyday is your runway so you better work it dolls!"
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