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 Armour Beauty is a beauty brand that was started by Theo Kogan who is a singer, model, and actress. While her amazing ventures she always crazed for a lip gloss that would have great long wear during a performance and etc. That's how Armour Beauty and their lip glosses came about. Click read more for full review~

    Armour Beauty specializes in lip glosses  where each and every gloss is made by the oh so wonderfulness of natural products that keeps it to stay on your lips for prolonged periods of time while leaving your lips moisturized. 

Each lip gloss cost $21.00 and contains Shea Butter, Avocado, Mango and Olive  butters and oils, Grape seed oil and Vitamin E they are also Paraben free and do not test on animals either. 

 They have 2 set of collections of lip glosses ~
Shimmer Collection is  where each gloss is  sheer, pigmented, shimmery, with pop of color.

Opaque Collection each gloss is an opaque color for a more pigmented lips.

Each collection has a nice range of shades to choose from from lights to your bolds which is great for any color likes, it's also  great to choose what type of finish your looking if it's a nice wash of color or a deep opaque lip color. So the option to choose what finish you like is a great aspect when making a purchase at Armour Beauty. You will know right off the bat how the finish is going to be, which in my book makes it very Shopper Friendly!!!

 One of my favorite parts of Armour Beauty is that each gloss has  really cool names! from names of songs like from Prince to great bands from back in the day, as well from great pop icons like Marilyn Monroe to Hello Kitty. 

 The shade that I had the opportunity to try is Purple Rain named after the Prince song! from their shimmer collection. The product has a slanted doe foot applicator that allows it to evenly and precisely distribute the product around your lips. The gloss doesn't feel heavy or sticky on the lips, while leaving  your lips with a great wash of color. Overall this lip gloss is amazing like the Prince song.
 If you want to check out Armour Beauty's products head on over to 
Well Dolls, let me know if any of you have tried Armour Beauty's lip glosses out and what shade you picked up, if you haven't tried any what's the shade and finish that you want to try out. Let me know dolls I need the DEETS!

This was a press sample from Armour Beauty but my opinions were 10000% honest and truthful. 
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