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 Studio Gear Cosmetics is known for the amazing makeup brushes, but they also have some amazing makeup products from lipsticks from a whole wide range to choose from down to skin care. The 2 products on the beauty feature of the day are their primer and mascara Click Read More~

  I used to see Studio Gear at Ulta and my interest in them was peeked but never tried them, but when I was sent 2 press samples for their Prime Objective Protective Perfecting Face primer, and the Impactfull Pro T.L.S. mascara I was left with wanting to try out more of their product line. 

Here is what Studio Gear's claim on their Prime Objective Protective Perfecting Face primer ~

Prime Objective Face Primer is a silicone-based face primer that not only smooths surface imperfections for an incredibly bright complexion, but it also includes rejuvenating ingredients such as retinol and milk protein 20 that condition, balance, and protect the skin from environmental stresses. Optical diffusers further enhance the complexion by lightening and brightening!

My thoughts~ 
 The are 2 primers one that is the Prime Objective face primer that costs $30 and the other primer is the same primer but that one contains spf 20 and that one is valued at $35.oo I really do like the option of purchasing a product with or without the spf.
 Once applied over the skin it instantly smooths out your skin, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth.  I did notice a prolonged wear of my foundation, it even upheld through one of my hot flashes. I am on a certain type of medication that causes me to have  hot flashes and if my makeup can still be seen through one of those then that product is a holy grail! I really didn't see my skin looking bright and lightened but overall I really do like the ingredients in this product, and how it prolonged my foundation.

 Studio Gear Claims on their Impactfull Pro T.L.S. Mascara~
Impactfull Pro T.L.S. Mascara is a studio tested, high impact mascara that THICKENS, LENGTHENS, and SEPARATES the lashes, delivering maximum fullness and flare. Naturally derived collagen, hydrolyzed wheat protein, and antioxidants nourish and condition the lashes for added benefit.

My thoughts~
 I really liked the bristles of the brush how it nicely coated and painted each lash. The separation and lengthening of my lashes I fell in love with it! The downfall was that it flaked after an hour of wear, if it would have been a water proofed mascara then this product would have received 10/10 the performance and the way the mascara left my lashes I fell in love with, if it did not flake then  I would have told you that this  mascara beats my all time favorite mascara from Benefit Cosmetics Their Real. 

 Check out Studio Gear's products your going to want to try their products out because they have a great range to choose from. If you shop on their website and use my personalized discount code Cdel14 you will receive 10% off your purchase and you can use this as many times as you would like.

 Have you tried any of Studio Gear's products out, if not what products from their website have you seen and are interested in? Let me know dolls I need the DEETS!!!

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