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Vincent Longo is a celebrity makeup artist who was disappointed in the lack of vibrant rich colors, he then started mixing and making his own vibrant color hues in his New York apartment, that was the start of Vincent Longo Cosmetics, and  I was given the amazing opportunity to try out his beyond amazing products . ~ Click Read More for Full Review~

   Hey Dolls I was lucky enough to have the amazing opportunity in trying out Vincent Longo's makeup products, I was asked to send in a head shot of myself so one of their MUA's can color match me to their products. I felt that in itself set them apart because they want to put in their expertise opinion to see what products and shades better suited me. Let me tell each shade suited me quite well, each shade fit my skin tone to the T.

 Product Performance and Reviews-

 Water Canvas Base $44~

 I love how when you feel the moisture and coolness on your skin, it really does create a blank, smooth canvas for your foundation and makeup. Prolongs the length of your makeup, and hides your pores. 

Morning Tender Water Canvas Creme-To-Powder Blush $44 

 The packaging of the blush and the highlighter that are both water based technology and inside there is a small white ring at the top of the lid to both products to help seal and lock in the product. My fear is that I love it so much that I will not close it properly and that will cause the product to expire quicker. So I am a little paranoid when I close it. The product glides on the skin greatly, very pigmented, and easy to blend out. I love how it feels a little cool on the skin, and it really does go from creme to powder. 

Mermaid Muse Water Canvas Highlighter creme-to-powder formula  

I am in love with this highlighter, it gives me a glistening Kim Kardashian look, I even use it as an eye shadow, and a highlight for my upper brows for a finished makeup look. It also has a cooling effect which if you haven't noticed the trend I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!!! To me its a multi- functioning product that can be used so many ways, that's always a huge plus on the days that you are in a rush and want to look nice for your full day. You can still see the product after an 8 hour work day. So the lasting time on this product and all Vincent Longo products super exceeded my expectations. 

Pearl X Eyeshadow in Etherea $25

OMG! This product is a unique eyeshadow in it's own, you have a great mixture of cool to warm tones. It is so vibrant, richly pigmented it's mind blowing. You might ask yourself If I were to purchase this product how would I use it? Trust me I thought the same thing, I would swirl my brush all over the eyeshadow for a great lid color or crease color. But majority of the times I like to use each section as a shade of its own, for lid,crease, and definer. This eyeshadow has a little mirror, which I find very practical especially when I am out an about I use to retouch up or turn my look   a little darker if I am going out after work. I actually  can see what I am doing not to many of the eyeshadows I have a mirror so I love that fact. This product has a great lasting power with or without primer.

Silk Velor Lipstick in Mulberry $23

Dolls I have to say hot d@$%!! on this one, this lipstick glides on your lips with a punch of pigmentation, very smooth and long lasting. Didn't fan or feather into the creases on my lips, and I mean this feels so luxurious on your lips. I have been wearing this lipstick every single day for work, Church, and everywhere in between. I have not had this many compliments on lipstick then this one. Everyone says how it suits  my skintone and friends at work have said that they were surprised on how I don't  retouch up like I do with other lip products. Don't you love when others notice your habits l.o.l!  I love the packaging so sleek and chic, I am in love with how the body isn't like the rest of my other lipsticks, so it deffiently stands out on my vanity. 

Lip and Cheek Stain Baby Boo $22.50
This waterproof, long lasting, and fool proof lip and cheek stain is a great one if your new or a veteran to stains. I used other lip and cheek stains and I always would see the little dots that I would put on my cheeks. That can kill your look in seconds.This particular product didn't cause me to see those dots or lines the gel allows you to blend on your cheeks with out drying to fast before you can even start to blend. It lasted and wore great on my lips, I didn't think it was to drying on the lips either, so that's a first for me in my book. 

 As a whole I have fallen in love with all the products and the brand, I like the cooling effect on the skin especially because I have some health issues and some of the medicines cause me to have hot flashes, these product up held through all of them and then some. I am extremely curious about the foundation, concealer and gel liners I can only imagine how great they work. Because these products where beyond amazing!
 Well Dolls let me know if any of you have tried any of  Vincent Longo cosmetics, what have you tried? If you haven't tried out any of their products head on over to and let me your top 3 products you would love to try. You know I need the Deets Yall!!

 All these products where sent to me for a review but all my thoughts and opinions where 100% Cdel Beauty Certified. 

 Thanks for stopping and reading this review and always remember! " Everyday is your runway so you better work it dolls!" 
 Until next time xoxo~

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