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As women we are constantly purchasing all our beauty and makeup essentials, we look at the packaging in the store and the shades and colors and we are oohhed and ahhyed by them and must have that product in our lives. When we get home and some of us when we get in our cars we immediately start to tear that clear packaging off and start to swatching and playing in our new founded makeup product. I want you to close your eyes and think the top 5 properties you look for in lipstick?. Click Read More for full review~

 Now I don't know about you dolls but I look at my beauty products as relationships we either going to love them or leave them. You know that saying you can never judge a book buy its cover? Well at the store we look at the packaging and with or without a tester you really don't know how that relationship is going to go unless you take them home and start trying them out. What I immediately start to look at is the pigmentation, the shade of color, the packaging of the body of the product itself, the smell (doll sometimes that can really kill the relationship!), the taste, is it moisturizing on the lips, is it going to fan and feather, what ingredients is going to treat my lips while I wear it. Do these sound familiar? Were any of these on your list?

 Wouldn't you love to find that perfect shade of lipstick to go with a particular outfit, or pick out the scent of the lipstick so you can fall in love with it and not run from it due to that unpleasant scent on your lips. I was very fortunate enough to have the opportunity to customize and try out LTW Custom Cosmetics, LTW was started by Lynn Tassinari Wegiel who is a professional makeup artist, she has had many amazing accomplishments and experience in the industry. She also has  an amazing makeup line that I want to share with you all, but it's not only about the products themselves but the experience in itself is also an amazing aspect in shopping with this company.

  At LTW you can choose everything you could ever want in a lipstick or lip gloss, you can choose your own shade, scent, lip treatment, texture, the type of formula and finish, so much to choose from when customizing your lipstick!  Each product is paraban free made with pure plant waxes, jojoba, macadamia nut, Shea butter, aloe, and vitamin E, has SPF as well. 

 The price range from $25 to $65 depending on the customized service you want to go with, they already have their preformulated  shades where you many to pick and choose from. Or you can do your personalized Color Match customization where you send the shade to them in a form of fabric or anything to give them a clear picture of what shade you want. 

 Now when they send your beautiful products, they arrive in this little black box tied up with a gold ribbon that says Unleash Your Sexy because doll with these you will! The lipsticks come in a cheetah print packaging, which is so sexy and playful at the same time I love it! The body of the lipstick is in a unique shape of a bullet for a more precise application on your lips. They are super pigmented, long wearing, and feel amazing on the lips. I picked out my scent in  fruit punch and it really smells like fruit punch! Very moisturizing on the lips, the lip gloss isn't sticky and adds a nice wash of color on your lips or to create a great lip combo. I have been obsessing over Orchids and showed some pics to them and they sent me their shade in #19 as well naming my other lipstick Cynthia's Orchid SUPER AMAZING! TO HAVE MY OWN LIPSTICK NAME. 

Well dolls head on over to and let me know how you would customize your own lipstick what shade or scent you would choose. I need the deets yall

 This was a press sample but my opinions on this product review was 100% truthful and my own. 

  Thanks for stopping by and remember "Everyday is your runway so you better work it dolls" Until next time 

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