PIxi Beauty H20 Skin Drink and Hydrating Milky Serum Review

Pixi Beauty that is available for purchase at Target and online have been rolling out a vast arrange of products for 2016. Anything from makeup to skincare made from their innovative and cutting edge technology that is highly luxurious but most importantly extremely affordable for the average everyday women. Two products they added to their skincare line is H20 Skin Drink and their Hydrating Milky Serum. For futher reviews click read more:
Editor Press Samples: Hello Chilis! Happy it's the weekend when I am writing this post. I Have two of Pixi's latest products to share with you today and let me tell you #AMMAZZING!

First up we have the Hydrating Milky Serum

Pixi's Claims

The packaging is in the true Pixi green with gold accents and ha a dropper for the application of product.

The product does look like milk when you take it out of the dropper has  a cloudiness to it. It is more of a cream watery consistency to it, once you apply it onto your skin it instantly absorbs the product. Making your skin look and feel more smoother, healthier, and plumper while hydrating your skin like no other.

Next up we have the H20 Skin Drink

This is more of a gel silicone based texture and consistency that minimizes your pores and smoothes the appearance of your skin. While adding a lot of nutrients to help heal your skin and locks in the moisture. You can use this as part of your everyday skincare routine or just use as a primer, best part is that if you stick in the fridge you have a product that instantly depuffs and soothes your skin and adds a nice refreshing feel to it.

Well Dolls overall these two products are a home run their instant results are fantastic but their long term benefits are out of this world.

As always thank you for stopping by and always remember everyday is your runway so you better work it!


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