New Pixi Beauty Makeup

Pixi Beauty has been loading up the Target Beauty sections like hot cakes this year. They have launched new and exciting skincare and makeup products for 2016 that is a nice change from their normal collection that we all know and love. They are always current and up to date with the latest trends.

Editor Press Samples: Hey Beautiful Dolls!! I hope you are all doing great! Once again, I have some new and exciting products from Pixi Beauty.

So first things first we ALL know one of the biggest trends this year is Highlighting ourselves like a beacon of light for the gawds hunny. So Pixi came out with this ADORBS dual highlighter set that comes with a Kubuki brush.

The packaging is in a circle where one side is a soft pink highlighter and the other side is a white gold highlight. Both are of a iridescent highlight with pigmentation but there isn't any chunky glitter. I haven't had any problems with these clinging onto any problematic skin areas that I have and blends into the skin beautifully. These are long wearing where you will see minimal fading after the 7 hour mark but if you set it with a finishing spray it will hold on for dear life until the end of your night.

Next up I have their new Tinted Brilliance Lip Balms but these are creamy versions instead of the gel versions that we have seen Pixi come out with in the past.

These are super creamy like a lipstick and very moisturizing. Trust me your boyfriend or significant other is really going to appreciate the soft vanilla scent an smooth kissable lips I know my boyfriend does ;)

They are not long wearing they do rub off fairly quickly but leaves a minimal  I mean very minimal tint to your lips.

One thing I do love using these as is for cream blushes, I just love love how it gives the perfect tint to my cheeks and no matter if I am having a major hot flash ooh chilis at least I know my blush is on my cheeks like super glue. Which kind of throws me off because you would think it would last the same amount of time on the lips but on the cheeks it's a whole different story!!

Now I do have to talk about the last product on this feature that is my least favorite product from Pixi's newest collection as of right now which is the Lash Line Ink. This product is geared towards giving the appearance of fuller looking lashes and pretty much is a felt tip eye liner lol.

The tip is a pointy but to flexible for my liking it does get some wear and tear after only a few uses. This type of liner is geared more for smaller thinner lines verses a thicker line. This product had great potential but!!! It smudges like no other, it is something if your going to wear for only one 1 hour if that and if you get sweaty, caught under the rain, cry anything to do with coming in contact with moisture forget about it!!! Your going to be looking like a raccoon!!!

Well dolls let me know if any of you are going to be picking up any of these products in the comment section below. And as always remember that everyday is your runway so you better work it!

Until Next time xoxo, C


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