Nicky Hilton x Smashbox Cat Eye Kit

Nicky Hilton the famous fashionista and heiress to the Hilton Hotel chain has recently collaborated with Smashbox. She created a fun "Cat Eye Kit" that comes with the basic makeup products to create that perfect cat eyed makeup look. There is a total of 3 sets in this collection that are named after some of the hottest cities around the world L.A. Natural Cat Eye, N.Y Classic Cat Eye and London Colourful graphic Cat Eye kits. In each set you get 3 full sized products which are 1 color of Smashbox's Photo Angled Gel Liner, 1 Photo Op Eyeshadow Trio, 1 Full Exposure Mascara and 1 hella cute black kitty bag that can be used in so many ways. Full Review and Swatches.

Editor Press Samples: If your a cat lady like myself then you will go bonkers with this collaboration. I am a black cat owner and I just love using this bag proudly lol.

I like that each set all the colors go hand in hand with each other especially with the gel liners and the eyeshadow trios. The set that I received is the N.Y Classic kit and the items I received are Gel liner in Black, the Trio in Litho which is perfect for that classic eye look, and the mascara. Which in every set you get the standard black mascara, side note! I wish Smashbox would come out with their very own colored mascara in the Full Exposure, because that formula is to die for and would beat out Benefit Cosmetics Their Real colored mascaras out of the park any day.

The quality of the kitty bag is really good, I thought it would look and feel cheap when I first opened the box, but I was so proven wrong! You can use it in many ways when you are on the go,I like to use it for a wristlet purse, makeup bag especially when you are going out to travel. The interior of the kitty bag is red with the Nicky Hilton and Smashbox names are printed all over the place.

Full Exposure's formula is light weight, doesn't put on crazy amounts of product on your lashes because the texture is not to thick and prevents them from clumpy or having any transference around your eye area. This does not flake off or give the appearance of raccoon eyes after the half of your day.And like I said if Smashbox comes out with their own colored mascara line I am going to be the first one to jump on those like they were white on rice!

This trio in Litho offers a Wheat shade that can be used for your lid or highlight, deep brown for a crease and eye lining shade, and black which can be used for lining and smokey out your eyes. The shadows have good color pay off and the wheat and brown are silky to the touch without any fallout and are easy to build up and blend. The black shadow is a little bit on the drier side but still workable. You can create a nice amount of different looks that range from everyday to a dramatic looks with this trio.

Photo Angle Pure Pigment in Jet Black is a gel liner in a pen form, which allows you to line your eyes without having to get a liner brush and having to dip and line dip and line, with this product all you have to do is twist the bottom a couple times and the product comes up at the rubber angled tip applicator. The liner itself has a decent wear time, very pigmented and very user friendly compared to others like this product from other brands out on the market. 

However a minor con that can be fixed is that this  product does not have the longevity in wear that I would have hoped for, between hour 6 - 7 you do see some fading and some cracking around the inner/outer lid area where I do the wing,but on my lash line it holds up. So I don't know if it's the oiliness in my outer eye area that disrupts the product and is causing that area to flake, so what I have to do to prevent that is dip the applicator head in the black eyeshadow in the trio and set that outer area. 

 Another con for me is that it can get messy when you put the lid back on I always get product all over where I place my fingers on the liner, so I am constantly cleaning it off. But other than that I do like how I get a more precise wing without extra effort. 

A $78 value for $54 is not bad in my book! And I love how everything went great together for a full look, and I just can't get over the black cat bag!

If you would like to check this product or the other 2 cat eye sets you can head on over to

As always Thank You so much for stopping by and until next time xoxo- Cynthia 

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