Back To School Beauty Hacks with Pixi Beauty

As Summer winds down and many of us are starting to go back to our Schooland College routines very soon. Not only does our day to day routines will change so will our makeup and skincare routines. With long school days ahead we need makeup products that will uphold through out the day from eye makeup looks to making sure our oily T- Zone doesn't make us look like a disco ball to products that will get you out of the house quicker and look well put together. I have some beauty hacks and makeup tutorials for you Featuring Pixi Beauty products that will help you in your Back to School Makeup routine.
Editor Press Samples: Pixi Beauty is one of my favorite brands that focuses on Natural Beauty and multi functioning products to get you out of the door quicker. So dolls they are perfect for Beauty Hacks! 

The term " Cooking and Baking" your makeup has been drag queen's beauty secret for many many years. Now that Kim Kardashian has shown the world her makeup tips more and more people are Cooking and Baking their makeup.

If your not familiar with the terms it's  letting translucent powder sit on your face for five to 10 minutes, which allows the heat from your face to set your base foundation and concealer, once you cooked your foundation all you have to do is dust it off your face with a blending brush and this beauty hack will leave you with a creaseless and a flawless finish that will last you all day through humidity,sweat, and preventing the natural oils from your skin disrupting your foundation or from your concealer creasing under your eyes.

Pixi's quick fix powder is perfect for Cooking and Baking your complexion products because it's a product amazing on it's own it has a velvety matte finish that gives the illusion of soft focus over foundation and even on bare skin while mattifying your complexion. This product does not cling to any problematic areas on your skin which is what your going to have to look for when your Cooking and Baking your makeup.

The Quick Fix Powder does have a buffer where you don't have to open the base of the product which is super helpful when your on the go but if your going to baking your makeup you will have to unscrew the sponge applicator off and dip a brush into the product then apply over the areas you want to achieve a flawless finish and wait 10 minutes. Once those 10 minutes have passed screw the sponge applicator back on to the Quick Fix Powder and press and roll the product into your skin until you have no more loose powder all over you face. This will lock in your makeup for your full day of classes.

Also if you have a satin lipstick on and you would like more of a matte finish  all you have to do is dust a little bit of this powder over your lips and whala you have a matte lipstick.

Highlighting and Contouring is a huge huge trend in the beauty community and the beauty market. Every single brand is coming out with their own contouring stick,palette, you name it there's lots to choose from. If your new to contouring or have major trouble in the contouring department with this beauty hack you will be able to contour for the Gawds hunny lol. 

With the Pixi Eye Brightener liner you can

By stenciling these areas you will then be able to contour,highlight,bronzer, and add blush in the correct areas that are suitable for your face shape and brings out the features that you want to accentuate. The reason I use Pixi's eye brightener is because this blends easily and once you apply the product that your using over it, the stencil disappears while acting as a gripper to the blush, bronzer, highlighter etc by prolonging the length of wear.

 So if your a newbie or is struggling with contouring and highlighting by using this beauty hack you will be contouring like a pro and you will know the product placement and with time you will not have to stencil  out those features. 

If you in a rush, and want to create a nice easy eye makeup look with out having to put to much effort into it. The # *Hash Tag* hack will give you the most quickest well put together eye look in less than 2 minutes.

All you need is a creamy, easy to blend and long wearing eye liner, I have been using Pixi's liner in the color Bronze Beam for my go to # smokey eye because it has that beautiful deep bronze color with lighter flexes of gold.

Then add some mascara and your are done and out the door, you can also put a shimmery shade in the inner tear duct and half of your eye lid to spruce up the look if you think it looks flat looking.

With these easy steps you have an eye look that looks well put together and most importantly will not crease or fade on you quicker than your lunch period.

Everyone wants that Kylie Jenner Lips and some of us dolls like myself don't have those beautiful fuller lips or have the luxury to purchase lip injections. I have a weird shaped lip, one side of my upper lip is higher than the other lip, while to boot I have thin upper lip. We can over draw our lips any day with a lip liner, but at the end of the day for some of us it looks like a hot mess and others it looks beautiful. So if your like myself and feel like a clown with over drawn lips then this hack is for you!

 With this last beauty hack I have been using the Eye Brightener liner to create fuller naturally looking lips. Over every one's lips there is a natural whiter part of our skin that naturally contours around our lips. Which I joke around and call it our natural 24/7 lip liner lol. 
For creating natural fuller looking lips I like to line my lips with the eye brightener on that whiter area that surrounds our lips.

Once those 2 steps are complete I take the lipstick that I want to wear apply lipstick like I normally would  and wala I have beautiful plumper fuller lips.

Well dolls here are some of my Back To School Beauty Hacks that will leave you looking Fierce for your new School year which can also be used for the dolls who are not in school. 

Let me know in the comment section below one of your beauty hacks.
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