SoothingSista and Memebox #eyelove eyeshadow quad review

SoothingSista has recently came out with a collaboration with MEMEBOX which is Asian Beauty subscription service. Soothingsista released an #eyelove eyeshadow quad for wearable every day looks for that perfect no makeup makeup look, simple looks, or deepen out your outer-v for a smokey eye. Full Review and Swatches.

Editor Press Samples: Well the Soothingsista and Memebox collaboration is exciting for many, I personally never heard of SoothingSista until this collaboration but I know others love love her. The eyeshadow quad offers 4 neutral rosy and mauve shades. The packaging is all black with SoothingSista and Memebox in white writing on the top. The quad does come with a decent sized mirror, it is light weight and compact perfect for taking around with you while your on the go.

The names of the shadows come on a clear plastic film which I would have preferred that they would have placed the names of the shadows some where on the palette. All the shadows in the palette compliment each other and you can break the top duos to create a look or do the same with the bottom duos. 

Even though at first glance the palette is appealing to me, I love the color scheme of the whole quad. You can create a decent amount of looks with the palette and I do believe that SoothingSista has some tutorials for looks to create with the quad. Now the shadows do look FIERCE at first sight but they lack pigmentation. You do have to build up the color pay off to get a nice look, and it's hard trying to build a color over primer when your trying to rush out of the house. You can create a decent look but it's faded and very light, more of a no makeup makeup look type of deal. The texture of the shadows do feel finely milled, and there is very minimal fall out of shadow. The shadows are not long wearing and will fade on you before the end of your day I say it will last you 5-6 hours tops over a primer without a primer cut that time in half. I use this palette if I am going somewhere only for a few hours so I can atleast get some usage out of the palette.

Well Dolls this palette is a miss for me I wish that it was just a little bit more pigmented, Memebox always puts out great products that I have enjoyed but this palette wasn't my favorite. Let me know what you think based off the swatches do you think you will pick it up? 

Thanks for stopping by until next time xoxo-C

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