Review on Lipstick Queen's newest lipstick Jungle Queen

PR: Lipstick Queen was started by Poppy King at the age of 18 who could not find that perfect lipstick in her hometown of Melbourne,Australia. Instead of giving up she decided to create her own. That's how Lipstick Queen first started. One of her newest lipsticks is Jungle Queen which is to match/flatter  any complexion 100% that will go well with any animal print clothes and accessories. For Full Review Click Read More:

Lipstick Queen's Newest Released lipstick Jungle Queen Hello Beautiful Dolls, I hope and pray you all are doing GREAT!  Do you wear any animal print clothing and sometimes find it hard to match a good lip color or eye look that will go with the flow of your outfit? Lipstick Queen has recently released their new Jungle Queen that is made to be paired with your favorite animal print! Amazing Right?!!

Product Review
Lipstick Queen's claims are~
color-popping coral suspended in a super-nourishing formulation, Jungle Queen flatters all complexions and is 100% fabulous when paired with your favorite big cat prints. Rrrroar!
  • Semi Sheer moisturizing formula enriched with nourishing natural oils
  • contains vitamin E that conditions and hydrates 
  • super flattering hint of luminescence that plays beautifully contrasted animal prints.

Cdel Beauty Feature on Lipstick Queen's latest release
This lipstick really does flatter all skin complexions and looks great paired up with an animal print clothing you wear. Even if you do not have animal print clothing this popping coral shade needs to be in your life. 

When you apply this lipstick on to your lips it glides on like silk you are going to keep on applying the product around your lips over and over on how incredible the product feels. Highly pigmented and long wearing with talking and eating non greasy foods.  I love how it contains vitamin E and natural oils that treats your lips while you are wearing it. It's a winner in my book just for the multi functioning ingredients. Can we get an applause for that cute packaging! 
Lipstick Queen's newest shade Jungle Queen swatch~ Cdel Beauty

Lipstick Queen's newest shade Jungle Queen swatch~ Cdel Beauty

Cdel Beauty wearing Lipstick Queen's Jungle Queen

Cdel Beauty wearing Lipstick Queen's Jungle Queen

Well Dolls overall Lipstick Queen is a must have brand in your makeup collection, I am still shocked on how great it looked on lighter complexions to darker complexions I tried them on my friends to see if it was true or not on their claims that this lipstick will match any complexion and animal prints 100%  And Lipstick Queen did not pull our chains! YAY! 

Well Dolls please make sure you pay Lipstick Queen a visit at their website and check out their amazing collection and get some inspiration from Ms. Poppy King herself!
Cdel Beauty wearing Lipstick Queen's Jungle Queen

 Well Dolls, Thanks so much for stopping by and remember " Everyday is your runway so you better work it!" 

Until Next Time Xo

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