Blush Mystery Beauty Box Feb 2014

Press Sample~ Hey Dolls, if you are a beauty fanatic and your always looking to try out more brands then a beauty subscription is the way to go. You have different types of beauty subscription services that range in many different services to a subscription that is more geared for makeup, or skincare, or both. There is a different subscription to suit your personal needs. With some you take an intensive questionnaires to your likes and dislikes, and others are a more general and everybody gets the same thing. The beauty subscription service I am going to share with you today is Blush Mystery Beauty Box Click Read More For Full Review~

 Blush Mystery Beauty Box is a monthly subscription service for $24.95 or you can purchase the bag for  1 month for $34.95. Each month you will receive a retail value of $100.00 worth of products that range from full size to deluxe size picked by their professional experts each month. 

 In the bag you can get anything for all your beauty needs from skincare, haircare, makeup, and nails. What I really like about this service is that they only do 1 sneak peek of a featured item of that month's bag. So when you get your little black bag filled with goodies its really a SURPRISE!  If you like to pamper yourself and you want a little surprise sent to your mailbox each month then this box is diffidently for you! 

 For this month's bag I received a total of 8 items and I am really enjoying trying out new brands and introduced to their products. Some brands that I haven't heard of personally but 1 is my go to brand so getting that item was an extra bonus. Want a peek at my mystery? Here's what I received~

Product break down~
Bioxidea~ This product is a face sheet that pampers your skin that pumps nutrients for a healthier skin. My skin looked radiant and healthy after the one time use. So if did that great of job on 1 sheet over time I can only imagine how great my skin would start to look after many uses. 
NCLA Nail wraps~ I have never used nail wraps before but I really like how they stuck to your nails nicely and didn't fall off within a day. So really glad Blush Mystery sent this to me to try out.
Smart Eye~ This winkle lift eye cream gives you results in 60 secs, I don't have wrinkles or crows feet around my eye area but it did reduce the look of puffiness.
NYX Are you deprEYEved mascara: long wearing, clump free I noticed after a long 8hr day the mascara didn't seep to my under eye causing me to look like a raccoon that in itself is a major plus it also gives you long and full lashes.
Elizabeth Arden Untold perfume~ Every beauty subscription needs to take note and learn from Blush they gave us this perfume in a little cute bottle that is 17 fl oz 5ml no foil packets here! I can actually try this perfume use a whole bunch of times to decide if i am going to love it or hate it. This scent is amazing and it's a love it!
Vbeaute Rub Off Gentle Facial Exfoliator~ Really gets down and clean your skin washing away the dead skin that collects on your face. After using this product you can feel the difference to the touch.
Klorane Dry Shampoo~ This product does do a good job of getting that 2nd day hair in check, but be careful of spraying to close you will get a white cast on your hair.
Deep Cleansing Oil~ Is an oil based makeup remover that you apply on dry skin which dissolves all your makeup and impurities. I was eeh on this product because I really couldn't imagine myself using oil to take the makeup off. Well Dolls it works and I have been using this product every night to take away my makeup and etc. After using the oil,  I wash my face with my normal facial cleanser and all set to go.

 Well Dolls overall this beauty subscription is really worth it, you receive your money back and more. All the items were full size and deluxe size. I am really enjoying this subscription service because you get a little bit of everything. 

 This was a press sample but all thoughts were 100% Cdel Beauty Certified

 Thanks for stopping by and remember everyday is your run way so your better work it dolls! 
Until next time xoxo~ 

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