Wet N Wild The Award Goes To Limited Edition Palettes 2014

Wet N Wild has been coming out with a lot of new products to their permanent line, in my opinion their new collection had so much potential. They changed the formula and added argan oil, so basically your skin is being treated while you wear their products. O.K. that's fine on lip and skin products but not on EYE SHADOWS! Well after I found out that they were coming out with their new Spring 2014 Limited Edition palettes from their collection The Award Goes To.... I had mix feelings that,  I really wanted it in my life but at the same time I felt like I was going to be disappointed like a child finding out Santa wasn't real. But Dolls let me tell you I was so wrong! Click Read More For Full Review~

If your a huge fan of Wet N Wild then you probably own most of their permanent collection and when they come out with something new like  limited edition products then you will go high and low trying to find that collection to add into your collection. When WNW come out with these LE's I feel like it's all a big road runner and coyote chase. Sometimes we don't have that luck and us coyotes will never catch that darn road runner.

 Well I happen to finally see the SMALL DISPLAY at my local Walgreens and they had 4 palettes of each of the 2 new 8 pans. Almost all were a little broken except the 2 that I picked up that look the most decent looking of them all.  In this collection you will find ~

  • 1 8 pan in Flirting at the After Party which is mostly purplish hues and some orchid shades
  • 1 8 pan in Walking the Red Carpet which is your nudes, bronze, gold, and grey'ish shades. 
  • Nail polishes that are nude-isk shades with different finishes from shimmers, sheer, and creamy
Now I haven't  picked up the nail polish yet but I might go pick up a couple to see how the performance of the product is. The products I was mostly after were the 8 pans. 

Being disappointed in the new permanent collection I feel that these new 8 pans are in true Wet N Wild formula fashion. It's not the best WNW formula, but hey they have a hint reminder of the off distance land ago when Wet N Wild ruled the drugstore you know. With 0.99$ of products galore, you would of swore that you would never let go. In the tides of formula batch that reak of new shades, you will be amazed with all this craze, that the shadows of our love will soon raise like the moon at night and never let go. Sorry I had to bust out in a rhyme session. 

 These products are~
  • Greatly Pigmented 
  • Easy to work with, build up the color intensity or blend out 
  • Different finishes 
  • On trend with Pantone Color of the year Orchid and Nude looks
  • Really reminds us of the WNW formula we have all grown to love and adore. 
Well dolls let me know if you have tried any thing from the Limited Edition The Award goes to... Collection, what do you think did you love it, or did you think it was like eheheheheheee ok, If you haven't tried anything out I diff suggest if you want to give these a try then hurry up and start looking I was told that the displays are only going to have 5 of each products and once those stores that are carrying the LE's  sell out they will not be bringing anymore in. 

 Thanks so much for stopping in Dolls remember "Everyday is your runway so you better work it dolls" 
Until next time xoxo

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