New Biore Deep Pore Cleanser Review

This month Sephora and Ulta has been all about skin care, and the new displays at the drugstores has been on point with the current trend. Great skin care at an affordable price is the motto I love to hear! Well today's beauty feature is on the newly released Biore Charcoal Cleanser is it a buy or leave it? Find out by clicking read more~~~

 So I have been wanting to get my hands on the Micheal Todd Jojoba Charcoal cleanser but I have not had the opportunity to try it out. So when I saw this Doll I had to pick this little guy up. I went with the travel size route because if I didn't like it, for me $2.00 seemed better than $10. 

Here's what the packaging says I tried to look up it on the Biore website but was unable to get the company claims on this product. ~
 " Deep cleans 2x's better and naturally purifies, skin purifying technology/ oil free ""Don't be dirty"

 Ok, so by looking through the packaging the formula looks like it is a black formulated product, it has a squeezable tube so you can control the amount of product you are dispersing, as well they have a bottle with a  pump. 
  I was shocked to see that product was a sheer gel black consistency with tiny beads that are supposed to be the "charcoal" I expecting for the product to appear like charcoal like the other charcoal cleansers that are out in the market. 

Once applying the product onto my face the product came out clear, like any other clear based cleanser. My skin started to feel a tingling sensation which I love! This product doesn't foam up that much, which i get worried that I need to apply more product on to get a better cleanse, so I added another quarter size amount and still didn't foam up as I expected to. I didn't noticed that it really did that great of a job to clear out my pores, but I do like the clean, fresh feeling I felt after using it.  

 Is it going to really eliminate appearance of pores and to unclog them, I honestly don't think so, I think Biore wanted to be on point with the trends, but it's only a great cleanser to take your makeup off and feel fresh and clean. 

    Let me know if any of you dolls are excited to give Biore's new product line a shot, Have you tried them if so what's your thoughts on the new collection.?

    Thanks for stopping by and reading this review Remember everyday is your runway so you better work it! Until next time

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