Sigma Brushes Is it Worth the Hype!?

Sigma Beauty offers a whole range of  affordable brushes, makeup products and beauty tools. Alot of people have stated that Sigma Brushes are exact dupes to more expensive higher end  brands like MAC cosmetics and so on. Sigma Beauty is great for all makeup enthusiasts as well as makeup artists to have in their kits for professional use.
Editor Press Samples: Sigma Beauty has been around for 5 years and the popularity has boomed due to many Youtubers and Bloggers raving how amazing Sigma's brushes are and that alot of them are exact dupes or better quality than prestigeous brands.

The history of Sigma Beauty:
"Sigma Beauty actually has a very interesting background. The founders, Simone Xavier and Rene Xavier Filho originally founded Sigma Beauty in the basement of their New Brighton home as an e-commerce business five years ago. Simone was a veterinarian and professor at the University of Minnesota, and Rene has a background in civil engineering and business and had worked with a paint-brush manufacturing company. They recognized that there was a need for high-quality brushes, and Sigma Beauty grew from there.  I think one thing about Sigma is that they really ask “why?” Because of the owners backgrounds, they look at beauty with a different perspective. Instead of looking at how makeup is always applied, or how brushes are always cleaned, they look at it as an opportunity to design something better. As a company, our different mindset allows them to be ahead of the curve in the beauty industry and create more functional and unique products."

Since this has been my first time ever using Sigma brushes I really wanted to test each and every brush out for 2 weeks straight. During the testing phase I did not use any other brushes in my daily routine because I wanted to see all aspects of using the brushes in application time and the end result. So if you want to see if I think these brushes are really worth all the hype just keep reading.

3DHD Precision Brushes

Claims and Details
The 3DHD™ Kabuki is a multifunctional brush engineered to perfection. It was uniquely designed for all areas of the face to apply liquid, cream and powder products uniformly on every curve, crease and angle. Patent pending.

How to use the the newest addition 3DHD kabuki brush is that with one side you use any type of foundation of your preference and apply the product like if your painting a room lol. The brush is not intended to buff out the product in circular motions but to swipe and curve the product on the contours of your face. Once you have laid  the product down you flip the brush to the clean side and smooth over the streaks that are left and melt the product into your skin. 

There are a total of 5 brush colors that you can pick from, they have gold and white, black and silver, pink and silver, white and silver, copper and white. I do like that diversity of options that you can pick which color brush you would have sitting on your vanity waiting to be used again. Normally you will see a standard brush or set color but it's impressive that Sigma offers more of a selection of shades on all the brushes that they carry.  
The brush hairs are very soft and do not feel scratchy on your skin. The density allows the brush  to pick up just enough product to lay down your foundations and blend into your skin. The brush is made to apply your makeup in a timely fashion. I do have to say that when I use this brush my application time has been shortened. The brush just glides with ease on  all areas of your skin surface especially the contours of your facial structure.

3DHD Precision brush is shaped and the brush hair feels exactly like the Kabuki brush but smaller. This brush is perfect for getting in smaller areas like your under eye area, nose, highlighting, and for a smaller contour line. 

 At first when I first saw these brushes and did a little bit of research I honestly thought that  this was gimmicky and wouldn't really be easy to use for a lot of the ground work in creating a look. I was so wrong about that and thoroughly enjoy using these brush. They do not shed during application or  after several washes.

Small Contour brush in F-O5 also comes in a good range of color choices to choice from. The brush is a tapered powder brush. Since I am new to the whole contouring game I never would imagine using a brush bigger than the small ones I have been practicing with. I always thought that the bigger the brush is the more product your going to put on and here comes Cynthia The Contoured Clown lol. To my surprise I was soo wrong and now my contour game is on point!  This brush picks up the right amount of product and diffuses  the product to the point it looks airbrushed. You can use the brush to apply powdered or cream products, the brush hairs are silky and do not shed. I have washed this brush every other 2 days since I received this product from the last day of January and have not lost it's shape or hairs. Main selling point for me is the brush is the right size to get into the hollows of your cheeks and you can work your  magic!  Many of my co-workers have noticed that my contouring has been 200x's better in the last 2 weeks of using this brush.

Overall this brush gets 20/10 Snaps of Fierceness

Eye Shading E-55 is packed with brush hairs to really grab on the product and pack the most product on. For being a shader brush I was pretty impressed of the amount of product I was able to apply to my lids. I am so used to using my 1.00 ELF brush I always thought why would I stray away from something that really does the job for me. Well dolls, I have! I can't even begin or sum up how amazing this brush works, feels and how the finish look comes out. 
Overall 10/10 Snaps of Fierceness 

This brush has been really really I mean REALLY HYPED UP ALL OVER Youtube and the blogs. Many have said this brush is an exact dupe for the MAC 217 brush and that the performance is 100xs better than the MAC. I tried to clear my mind from all the reviews I have researched about this product prior to receiving it. The brush hairs, shape, and everything really reminds me of the 217, but I was really curious on how it performed. This brush really helps blend your eyeshadows so that they transition nicely into one another and not create a "muddy look."The brush size is the perfect size that fits comfortably into your crease and outer v.

Now the big question Does it really perform better than the MAC 217 or better?
For me personally I have to say that I love this brush better than my MAC 217. The MAC brush hairs are soft and the performance does do a decent job. But it does shed alot during application and especially after washing. The head of the brush has lost it shape in less than 3 months, and the hairs are like a wild woman coming out of the Jungle Book. 

While the Sigma Brush has gone through some washing in just a short amount of time it has not shed, lost it's shape, and the eyeshadows cling on to the brush and deposits the right amount of product. To me this brush blends the product better than the MAC.

Overall 20/10 Snaps of Fierceness

The E-39 is a fluffy brush that will  diffuse any harsh lines and create your final look a more airbrushed finish. It's a smaller fluffy brush that I have used in the past I normally use one that is huge because someone said oh the bigger the better! I need to find that Youtuber and unsubscribe! , I don't know if I was living under a rock but smaller is better! Oh chilis talk about the final end result being perfection.

Well Dolls I have to say I am overly impressed by Sigma as a brand and the products that they put out on the markets for consumers like me and you who love the art and craft of putting on our makeup. To the makeup professionals who use products for their clients to make their special day successful or a photo for the cover of a magazine. These brushes will serve their purpose and then some, and who can beat their affordable prices! It's a robbery but a good robbery! Another great key point is that a lot of the brushes are Patent Pending so you know that's some serious stuff that Sigma is really doing an amazing job from a E-Commence start up company now to an established brand putting out one of the best products crafted and being sold in the Beauty Market.

If you would like more product or purchase information head on over to Sigma Beauty's newly revamped website that is more shopper friendly and more easier to navigate through.  

 Check back very soon for a full feature of a few of the beauty products and their newly released brush tool that will change your life when it's time to wash your brushes.

 Thanks for stopping by as always until next time xoxo-C

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