Jordana's New Products for 2015 Review

Jordana Cosmetics recently released a whole bunch of new products at the drugstore for 2015. The new line up offers Complete Cover Maximum Coverage 2-in-1 Concealer and Foundation, Modern Matte Lipsticks, Color Tint Blush Sticks, 2 new Easyliner for lips shades, 3 new easy liner for eyes shades, Lip out Loud Gloss, FabuBrow, 2 new Twist and Shine Moisturizing balm stains. Full review and swatches on all of these exciting new products.

Editor Press Samples: Jordana sister company to Milani has hit the ground running for 2015. They have released a very extensive new line up and new shades to their vast collection that can be found at the drugstore. All of the products are made in the USA and can be purchased at a ridiculously low cost. Alot of the products a high performing and great quality and holy grails to many beauties on a budget.

 Dolls this is a swatched heavy post so if you want to see the full collection and what Jordana has to offer for 2015 just keep reading grab a cup of coffee or wine it's a long one.

Color Tint Blush Sticks:

The texture to these blush sticks to me feels like a cross of cream and a gel. They glide on to your skin really easily doesn't disrupt your powder or cream foundation if you apply with the stick directly to your cheeks or apply with a brush just depends on your personal preference. All 6 shades of the blushes are extremely pigmented, and they all are a satin finish. They last through hot flashes, re-touch ups and then some.

Complete Cover Maximum Coverage 2-in-1 Concealer and Foundation

The 2 in 1 concealer and foundation is currently what's trending for 2015 you are going to start seeing more and more brands from drugstore to highend brands coming out with this particular type of product. Jordana hit this new line up out of the ball park for many reasons. 1 key point that there is 12 total shades in ranges of tones from your light, medium, olive, light tan, deep tan, and deep. That's a great range I personally think and every skintone, nationality is going to benefit from 1 of these products or picking up 2 to mix their own color to match a foundation. You can pick one up in shade lighter or darker for your highlighting and contouring. I have been mixing Golden Caramel and Natural Olive for a cream contour to get a darker than my skintone but not to much of a darker shade and have been loving it.I am new to the contouring game and I have always been afraid to use a darker powder or cream now I have a great shade to use to define my bone structure.

 A little bit will go a very long way, I strongly suggest a half a quarter size will be all that you need. Or you will have major cake face. It does have maximum coverage with a demi-matte satin finish. It doesn't cling to your dry areas, or or make your pores more noticeable. You will have to touch up with blotting papers or powder after 5-6hrs of wear. I have combination skin and I own and run an oil city in my t-zone area and I do only touch up 1x and I am good to go. I haven't noticed any oxidization after a long wear time which I was afraid of at first but to my surprise it didn't.

 If you use this as a concealer use a tiny tiny tiny amount, if you own IT Cosmetics Bye Bye under eye imagine that. It does have the great coverage, and for me it didn't crease or seep into my fine lines under my eyes.


 The Fabubrow shades that I received are mean't for light,medium, and dark eye brows. They are a self sharpen kohl brow products that comes with  a small brush at the cap that will blend in the product. The texture and constantly is not to creamy or to dry, easy to do small strokes and fill in & shape your brows. The brush at the end helps blend everything in together and during a 9hr work day these didn't fade or wipe off. The product will stay in place with out the aide of a setting gel or brow wax.

Easy Liners
There are 3 new shades into the EasyLiner collection and those are Blackest Blue which is a true deep deep navy blue fits the name lol. Tantalizing Teal and Khaki which is a soft taupe brown shade. They are creamy, pigmented and do not tug on the water line. The only one that I had a problem with in not so great of a wear time was Khaki it is a gorgeous shade but it does fade after 5-6 hours of wear.The other 2 stayed on my water line and lash line like a tattoo. 


 i LOVE THE NAME OF THIS LIP GLOSS! LOL LIP OUT LOUD in the shade BRB. lol. haha. The gloss is not sticky what's so ever, it has a nice color pay off for a gloss, and adds a little bit of shimmer but not crazy shimmer, main thing for me the shimmer does not feel gritty whats so ever. I love this gloss to add a little umph to a nude lip to give me that Jennifer Lopez scrumptious lips.

Modern Matte

Modern Mattes offers 12 brand new all matte shades to me they are not a flat dry matte they have a little bit of a tiny satin finish to them. The packaging of the lipsticks matches the shade in the tube, the head of the lipstick is on a slant making it easier to contour your lips. When you turn the lipstick up or down you will hear clicking sounds which I happen to love for some weird reason. 

There is a great range of shades from light pinks to a deeper purple shade that reminds me of MAC Heroine but it's not an actual dupe but it comes very close.  The lipsticks are a bit drying on the lips, and you will need to prep your lips before or after each application. Modern Mattes will stay on your lips for 3 hours before they start to feather and fan out.

Easy Lipliners
 There are 2 newer shades called Rose Crush and Pink Love. They are  twistable lip liners that are really pigmented and long wearing. They glide and contour your lips like melted butter. I  like to fill in my lips with these and add a gloss over them for Kylie Jenner lip.

Twist and Shine Moisturizing Balm Stains

These 2 new shades are one of my favorites in chubby sticks at the moment, the two colors are universal for any look day or night. They are long wearing, nicely pigmented, and they do feel great on the lips. They do not fan or feather out or cling to your dry areas. They are a satin finished product with the staining effect and for a couple dollars you can't beat these. Compared to other more expensive chubby sticks in the drugstore or Sephora these are out standing in color payoff and performance. 

Well Dolls that's it for the new Jordana products for 2015 let me know if any of you will be picking up anything from the new line up. 

Thanks for stopping by until next time xoxo-C

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