Beauty Spotlight: Bodyography Cosmetics

"Bodyography is a boutique professional makeup line – conceptualized and manufactured in the USA. Bodyography Professional Cosmetics offers mineral based makeup, boasting clean ingredient lists and sleek and simple packaging. Infused with skincare benefits such as fruit and plant derived vitamins and antioxidants, Bodyography is more than just your traditional makeup line. Along with top of the line formulations, Bodyography also offers Vegan, Gluten & Paraben Free products to fit within any lifestyle. The color payoff and quality of Bodyography is clear cut, but what really makes this brand shine is the way the makeup feels on the skin – the weightless effect of Bodyography makeup is incomparable".

Editor Press Samples: Hey dolls Now that I have introduced to you what Bodyography is all about I have some products I received that I have been testing out to share with you beautiful dolls. I am pretty impressed overall by the quality and performance of this brand. So  let's get into this beauty spotlight shall we?

Exfoliating Lip Duo 

The exfoliating lip duo has the cutest packaging I don't know why I love it so much. The top part has a small little mirror with a clear solid lip oil. The lip oil has a very powerful  antioxidant called Marula Oil, this will help smoothing and conditioning your lips. Marula Oil also  neutralizes free radicals, helps build collagen, and provides antioxidant protection.  I am pretty sure your thinking oil on your lips will be grease city and it ain't cute but! this does not feel greasy on your lips doesn't slick off and will not disrupt any lip product your might have on your lips like a stain, or a lipstick. Marula Oil is also perfect for the dolls with dry or sensitive skin. I can attest to that because my momma has some sensitive lips and she didn't break out. The sugar scrub is your normal sugar scrub for your lips. This will aide in taking away the dead skin on your lips and prepping them for easier application and longevity of your lipsticks while preventing any lip product from fanning/feathering out into the creases of your mouth or cling on to dry areas. Your lips will feel super smooth after  each treatment and the oil is a major added bonus to this dynamic duo.

Expression's Eyeshadows

Bodyography claims:
At last, a product that can be used all over the face; as a blush, eye shadow or liner. Apply this expression eye shadow wet or dry for a professional finish every time.

 The expressions eyeshadows have some big claims for being multi-purpose product. The product does have great pigmentation, silky to the touch, easy to work with in building and blending out the product. The 2 shadows did not crease or fade off after a 9hr work day, overall I do enjoy using these as eyeshadows.

 Now for the claims that you can use these for liners,blush, bronzing, I didn't use these as blush due to the color of the shadows. I would look like bozo the clown but bronzed lol, I have dusted these lightly with a fan brush as bronzers and I liked how that final out come turned out. As for liners  they did not last at all when I attempted to line my lashline or water line with a liner brush..


 This shade in bashful is a cross of a light dusty peach rose shade *if that makes sense! lol* It adds the nicest warmth to my complexion and final look, I like how this particular shade is universal for any and every look I am trying to pull off. The texture and consistency is very soft and silky. The product does cling on to your brush so a light tap of the brush you will be able to dust both cheeks.


Foundation primer in clear will smooth and even out your skin making it a blank canvas for your master piece of a look! It is a silicone based primer like Smashbox photo primer, the consistency is a happy medium not to thick or watered down. It diminishes the appearance of your pores and gives your skin's surface a smoother feel and look to it. It does prolong the length of wear for powder and liquid foundation. 

Electric Lip Slides

the Electric Lip Slide. A hybrid of a lipstick, gloss, & stain infused with natural butters and Vitamin E resulting in an ultra luscious, head turning lip color. 
The product is a long squeeze tube with a doe foot applicator, which I personally love. Everything that Bodyography states about this product hits it right on the nose. It does have that lipstick,gloss and stain finish. The product is super pigmented, long wearing, doesn't dry out your lips. Also I have noticed it didn't fan/feather out or cling to my dry areas. Lasts about 3 hours before you would have to reapply with your normal talking,drinking and eating non greasy foods. The scent reminds me of Lip Smackers, and the hot magenta pink is gorgeous  shade for Spring and Summer!

 Well Dolls that's it for the products that I have from Bodyography if you would like more product and purchase information please check out Bodyography extensive collection that they have to offer at

Thanks so much for stopping by, Until next time xoxo-C

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