Neutrogena Hydro Boost Review

Neutrogena has recently released a new affordable skin care collection called Hydro Boost. The collection offers facial  moisturizers suitable  for all skin types as well their Hydro Boost gel-cream for eyes. Full review  on the new collection that offers to hydrate and lock in moisture while leaving your skin feeling and looking healthy.

 Editor Press Samples: Neutrogena is a drugstore affordable skincare line that we all know and have fallen in love with many of their products. Their latest Hydro Boost collection is a break through innovation from Asia that offers  many benefits in nursing your skin back to healthy supple glowing skin. The whole collection contains key ingredients such as Purified Hyaluronic Acid and and Olive Extract.

There's 2 facial moisturizers in the collection 1 is their Hydro Boost Water Gel cream which is suitable for all skin types and the other is their Hydro Boost Gel-Cream for extra dry skin. I do like how they offer the both types of moisturizers so every skin type will be able to reap the benefits of using their collection. 

The one that I have been testing is the gel-cream based moisturizer because chilis I have really dry patches throughout my face.

The lightweight gel cream formula does not have a thicker or watered down consistency. When I say lightweight I am really putting that lightly because it's really light weight like water ;) 

It has a nice cooling effect when you pick up the product and deposit it onto your skin. As soon as the product makes contact with your skin's surface the product is instantly absorbed. After each use your skin's texture feels soft, looks healthy an overall fresh faced appearance. Normally with skincare products you will have to use the products for weeks to see any of the improvements or non improvements but with this moisturizer you instantly see the results and over time your skin gets even better and even better. I had horrible dry spots all over  my nose and on my chin to the point I wanted to wear an over sized hat with fake latex skin no over exaggerating!, Because no matter what product I used on my skin it still looked like a snake peeling it's layer of skin off. And wearing foundation just  accentuated the problem even more where the foundation would just cling on to it causing the dry patch to look 2 times bigger.  Since the first day of use my skin looked supple felt smooth the dryness was tamed especially the peeling chapped skin.  Each day I used the product I did see instant results but in just 2 weeks my major peeling, dry, chapped, cracked skin was nursed back to health. Application of my makeup has been 10 times better due to the smoother skin surface and most importantly I didn't feel awkward and embarrassed of the hot mess that was going on with my skin and no foundation clinging on to them like a magnet.  Images are of my skin with no makeup and no filtering of the image on photo shop this is how my skin looks now after 2 weeks of use. 

Next up in the Hydro Boost Collection is the Hydro Boost Eye Gel Cream

First lets talk about what this product doesn't have:
  • Fragrance 
  • Oil Free
  • Dye Free

The eye gel cream is basically like the facial moisturizer but for the eyes it is hydrating and locks in moisture. It smooths your eyes skin  surface as well  any under eye puffiness you have going on. All skin types and ages from younger to mature skin will definitely reap the benefits of using this eye cream. Main thing for me personally is that I have noticed that my concealers do not crease or seep into my fine lines under my eyes as well as the puffiness has been under control. Oh and I can't forget to mention opthamologist tested and approved. 

Well Dolls the collection as a whole is one of my best skin care regiments to date, I love how it has a cooling effect, and how your skin feels after each and every application. 

 Are you dolls thinking of picking up anything from the Hydro Boost collection? Let me know in the comment section below.

For more product and purchase information head on over to Neutrogena's website at

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