Neutrogena Rapid Dark Circle Repair Eye Cream Review

Trying to cover and diminish the appearance of dark under eye circles is one of the problems that every men and women go through. We mass purchase concealers and eye creams from the drugstore beauty isles to the higher end prestigious brands that can be found out our local Sephora, Ulta Beauty, and Macy's and other makeup counters. We will research tips and tricks on Youtube and on the Blogs to find tutorials or DIY home remedies. You name it we have tried to find everything under the sun to find products for that problematic feature. Neutrogena has released a hefty amount of products so far for Spring and Summer 2015 and one of the newest additions is the Rapid Dark Circle Repair eye cream. Full Review and Swatches

 Editor Press Samples: There are so many beauty products and skin care products that will claim to help us get reduce or get rid of the dark circles. Our under eye area has the thinnest area of skin in our whole body. That's why the blue and purple veins become so noticeable and apparent everyone gets effected by those dreaded dark circles some more than others but we all go through it.

 Neutrogena recently released their newest product called Rapid Dark Circle Repair Eye Cream that will aide in nipping those dark circles in check lol. Here are some claims from Neutrogena

The packaging is in a sleek long all white clicky pen style with synthetic brush hairs at the tip. You click the product a few times few times before the product disperses out. This is not your usual typical eye cream that comes in a jar, the shade is a light champagne color. The texture and consistency is light weight and airy which absorbs quickly upon contact with your skin. It doesn't feel greasy if you put too much on which I have come across with other eye creams in the past.

Once blended the cream has a light iridescent glow that kinda leans like a highlighter you really can't even see it once it's blended to be quite honest. The cream can be worn by itself or under makeup, it performs ok by itself makes your eyes look awake. But it performs best under makeup as a base to your concealer to awaken and brighten your under eye area due to the light catching properties. I don't really see the eye cream to help diminish the dark circles in the long run. They do help with the puffiness and the tired eye syndrome and does help with awakening my complexion but I don't see it diminishing the appearance of dark circles in the long run. I have even stopped applying it at night and only time I use it is during makeup application. 

Well dolls overall it does do a great job for instant gratification because it does work as pepping up your tired, puffy, dull under eyes, but for long term I wouldn't recommend this product. 

 Let me know in the comment section below do you think you will get this product for your makeup application or do you think you will skip out since it doesn't really benefit your under eyes for the long term?

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