Milani Cosmetics New 2015 Collection Review

Milani Cosmetics has hit the ground running for Spring and Summer 2015. They have released their newly Fierce Foil Eyeshine quads, Fierce Foil Eyeliners, Supreme  Kohl Kajal  Eyeliner, Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipsticks, 2 newer lip liner shades, and have permanently released their Powdered Rose shaped blushes. Full review and swatches on their newest collection that has hit the drugstores near you.

 Editor Press Samples: Everyone has fallen in Milani Cosmetics over and over, and this time dolls you will fall even more in love with Milani's newest collection for 2015. Milani offers high quality performing products at a very low cost so the beauties on a budget will stay looking fab on a dime. Milani not only strives in offering great quality products but also staying up to date with the current trends from overseas to the runways. With this latest collection they definitely are staying up with what's trending at the drugstore and highend brands.  I have alot of product reviews and swatches to go over with you dolls so let's get into the fierce feature shall we?

Fierce Foil Eyeshine Quads:

I have included the description of what Milani states about these newest foiled eyeshadows in the image above. There are a total of 4 fierce foiled eyeshine quads that you can choice from. Instead of the normal eyeshadow brush that all drugstore eyeshadows come with they provided a rubber tipped spatula looking brush lol. The brush is bendable making it easier in contouring your eyes and most importantly to help pack on the product.

 The texture and consistency to 95% of these eyeshadows are super super creamy that when you swatch with a finger or brush you will see the indentation. For some people that might be an advantage or disadvantage depending on your personal preference. I have noticed in all of the 4 quads that the last eyeshadow in the quads  texture feels completely different in being more firmer and less creamy  vs the other 3 shadows that are super creamy. I personally kinda find it to be odd and I wish that Milani would have put that last texture and consistency consistent throughout the whole palette. The firmer shadows to me always works 10x's better than the super creamy ones.

Even though they are metallic foiled shadows with little flex of glitter they do not feel as gritty as you would think. They are pigmented, and I would say they have decent wear time depending on how use the product. You can use these foiled shadows on their own or as a base to your powdered eyeshadows, or as a topper over your powdered eyeshadows. I do like the multi-functioning uses of this particular product.

 I do feel that if you have oily lids you will need to prep your lids with a good base that is a little bit on the sticky/tacky side so the shadows will not slick off and crease on you after a certain amount of wear time.
Overall I do like these and they get a 7/10 Snaps of Fierceness

Fierce Foil Eyeliners:

There is a total of 4 shades to choose from that come in a gold pot with the best liner brush ever! When I first received the le constellation liners last year I feel in love with the brush. The brush is soft and firm perfect for lining your upper lash line, winged looks and creating a fierce cat eye. I can absolutely  say that this brush is beyond amazing.

 The liners are amazing too! I think that Milani listened to their consumers reviews from the limited edition Constellation gel liners reviews. The performance was ok and the glitter spray overlay through everyone off. But with these liners major improvement, what you see in the packaging is what your going to get. The foiled liners are easy to work with, great color payoff, and they do not feel gritty they feel silky smooth. They have a great length of wear without creasing or fading, and besides being killer liners they make amazing eye bases. At first I was afraid to test them for a base to my shadows and after seeing a blogger use them as a base I attempted it and the performance and completed look was on FLEEK!
Overall these liners get 10/10 Snaps of Fierceness

Matte Color Statement Lipsticks:

Since matte lips are trending which I have to say thanks to Kylie Jenner everyone is coming out with more and more matte lipsticks. Milani has come out with 10 new shades ranging from pinks to a deeper sultry lip color.  And I have to say at first I was not all about the matte lipsticks because I like matte but I do not like flat mattes. The new Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipsticks have the exact same formula as the original Color Statements. They glide on your lips like melted butter, all of the lipsticks are very opaque and long wearing. They do not fan or feather out on you while being non drying. You can get 4 hours of wear with your normal talking, drinking and eating non greasy foods. And major selling point for me is that it is not a flat matte they do have a light moisturized appearance to the lips without leaning towards a demi-matte satin finish. To me Matte Glam is almost a spot on dupe to MAC's Heroine lipstick so if you looking for a shade that is almost like the MAC  but more than half the price head on over to Milani and you will be very happy with that shade. 
Overall these new matte lipsticks gets 20/10 Snaps of Fierceness 

 Lip Liners:

There are 2 newer shades in the color statement lip liners and those are Bordeaux and Pretty Pink. These are self sharpen lip liners that glides and contours your lips easily. Very pigmented and have a long wear time. These are the first time I have ever tried Milani's lip liners and I have to say I am very impressed. Overall 10/10 Snaps of Fierceness 

Rose Shaped Powdered Blushes:

If any of you have been on a wild goose chase to get these when they were first released in a limited edition collection you can rest and assure that you will finally have these in your hands. The product is embossed in a rose shape, when I first received these I was afraid to use them because I didn't want the blush to loose it's gorgeous shape. But! the rose shape is not going anywhere until you hit pan. No matter how much or hard you swatch you will still see the beautiful rose. And  the amount of product your getting is ridiculous in a good way :) The 3 that I have are a matte finish but not a flat matte that will add warmth to your final look. The product clings on to your brush very easily so be careful when applying  you can get heavy handed pretty quick. Neither of the blushes were very powdery so you will not have any fall out in the pan.

 I do hope that they come out with more shades and different finishes. Overall Dolls these get 10/10 Snaps of Fierceness.

Supreme Kohl Kajal Eyeliner:

The liner comes in an all gold sleek twistable liner. They consistency is very silky and glides on your upper lash line and water liner very smoothly. The color payoff matches it's name, while being long wearing it did smudge off a little bit during a hot flash but didn't rub off completely. I can still see the liner and have no raccoon eyes after a 9hr work day. Overall this liner gets 8/10 Snaps of Fierceness.

Well Dolls that's it for full review on all of Milani's 2015 collection, let me know in the comment section below if your looking to pick up anything from their new line up or if you already did what's your favorite product.

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Milani is also sold at a local drugstore near you.

Thanks for stopping by until next time xoxo-C

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