Laura Mercier Watercolour Clouds Spring 2015 Collection

Laura Mercier Spring 2015 Watercolour Collection offers a whole range products. Review and swatches of the new Watercolour Mist Eye & Cheek palette and Creme Smooth Lip Colour in Brigitte. 
Editor Press Samples: Laura Mercier  has based her collections around the exploration and expression of moods. The mood for the spring collection is quiet and relaxed. Laura hopes that the soft, muted and peaceful shades in the collection bring you calm, serenity and balance.

The whole collection is whimsical and captivates the beauty of all the colors that you start seeing in the Spring time in flowers, the clear blue skies, trees blooming and the raining weather. I have to say Laura has set her collection  apart from the other collections that are being launched. 
laura mercier watercolour mist eye &cheek palette by cdelbeauty

laura mercier watercolour mist eye &cheek palette by cdelbeauty

laura mercier watercolour mist eye &cheek palette by cdelbeauty
The packaging is a light weight sleek silver compact with the texture of little rain drops. You can feel the texture of the rain drops which I happen to absolutely love. It is a smaller palette that is almost as a big as a men's wallet. Very easy to throw  in your purse or makeup bag if your a doll on the go or traveling. The palette also comes with a very nice sized mirror that you can actually see what your doing.

 The palette comes with 6 matte eyeshadows and 2 matte blushes that are all named after weather concepts. The color selection is not your normal typical shades that you would see in a palette. The color selection is blue, greens, and purple hues. You would think that you would only be able to create only few good looks with this palette, but there is a whole range of looks that you can create with this palette from everyday soft whimsical looks to a deeper sultry eye. 

For the shadows being all matte non of the shadows are chalky and difficult to work with. Each shadow is silky to the touch, pigmented, you can easily build up the shadows and buff them out. They also transition into each other very nicely preventing  the completed look to appear muddy. They do not crease or fade after a 9 hour work day

The matte blushes are just like the shadows with a silky texture.  Each blush is universal for any look, occasion and skin tone. They product  clings on to your brushes so be careful being heavy handed, a light tap will be more than enough to dust product onto both cheeks. If your worried about not having a traditional transition shade in the palette you can use any of these 2 shades to balance the look out. I also even use them as eyeshadows for a single shadowed look and was impressed by the final out come. 

Overall dolls  I thoroughly enjoy this palette and it has been a go to palette in my makeup rotation for work. It also has been helping me get out of my comfort zone and explore other shades besides my normal neutral brown and golds etc. I have noticed that these shades bring out my brown eyes making them pop.
This palette gets 10/10 Snaps of Fierceness.

Creme Smooth Lip Colour in Brigitte is a satin finished peachy nudeish pink lipstick which is a perfect shade to tie in this collection. The packaging is in a square which is so tres chic! At first I was so afraid this color was going to wash me out but no it just ties in any look I am trying to accomplish beautifully. The lipstick is creamy and moisturizing to your lips that lasts a couple hours with your normal talking and drinking. The lipstick doesn't cling on to my dry spots or make them more noticeable and most importantly it does not fan or feather or bunch up in the corners of my mouth. 
Overall dolls this lipstick gets a 10/10 Snaps of Fierceness 

 Well dolls that concludes my feature of Laura Mercier's Watercolour Cloud collection. If you would like more product or purchase information and see the full range of products that are in the collection just head on over to Laura Mercier's website at

You can also find this collection at Sephora in stores and online and where ever Laura Mercier is sold.

Let me know in the comment section what you think are you going to pick up any of these two products?

Thanks for stopping by and until next time xoxo-C

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