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Pixi Beauty is found at your local Target beauty section or you may have tried them from one of your Ipsy Glambags. They are a cruelty free brand that offers high performing natural makeup to enhance your beauty not make you beautiful because dolls we all are gorgeous. Pixi's new Spring 2015 collection offers a whole range of products to prep your skin and your makeup collection. Reviews on their newest  Glow Mist facial prep and setting spray, 2 newer shades in their Fairy Dust collection, Another new (and limited edition) item is the birthstone inspired nail shade in Amethyst Amore. And finally the Tinted Brilliance Balm in Lucent Glow.

 Editor Press Samples: Target's beauty section will be booming this season from all of our favorite brands including Pixi. There newest Spring collection screams out fresh faced, youthful, glowing, simple and elegant beauty. 

Let's start out with one of my favorite nail polishes for this year is the birthstone inspired Amethyst Amore. $8.00

Chilis have I ever told you in the past that Pixi hands down as one of the best nail polishes I have ever painted my dry little fingers with? I have tried more expensive ones and then some and I still can't believe how I always retract to using Pixi's. This color literally with  only one coat of the polish and I am good to go. I do not need a base coat or a top coat because this polish and the others that I have in my collection from Pixi do not need them. This polish was made with  a brightening effect and I can see it, normally with this type of color on some people's nails looks great and other's it just does not look right. I fall into the category that these types of colors just doesn't look right on me. Except for this one <3 I have been using this polish every day for the past 2 weeks of receiving this product, every other 4 days is when I have to touch up and I am good to go. 3 days without any chips with the constant washing of my hands is pretty impressive, by day 1 or 2 with a top coat and base coat  I am already re-doing my nails with other brands I have used in the past. Doesn't apply streaky, it does have a little bit of a thicker consistency so it takes about a minute to dry. 

$14  The newest shade to the Tinted Brilliance Balm is Lucent Glow it is a sheer color with tiny hits of rose-gold flex that adds a little vava voom to your bare lips, nude lipsticks, and I have been loving pairing this with my orchid colored lipsticks ahh I just kill for that perfect lip combo. This feels moisturizing on the lips and the tiny flex of shimmer does not feel gritty on the lips or visually over the top with glitter that you feel like everyone is thinking "Look at her lips! Did she dip her lips in glitter!?"Trust me things like that run through my mind you can't tell me you have not thought that at any point of your makeup journey :)

 $10 Two newest shades to the Fairy Dust collection are Silver Glow and Olive Gold these are two  loose pigments. That you can use wet or dry for your normal eyeshadow game or if you wet them you can use them as eye liners. I personally do not! do not!  like loose pigment, because chili ain't nobody got time for the big mess when working with loose pigments. If your in a rush and you unintentionally open it to fast or tap excess product out,  puff you got eyeshadow all over the place and on your clothes. So I do love how Pixi has thought outside of the box in packaging of the pigment with small applicator brush where you can collect the product easily and deposit it right onto your lids with out having to do all that tapping and getting a brush on a small cap because It has already been done for us. The pigments are long wearing, and they do not crease or fade on you during a 9hr work day.

$15 The Glow Mist which is an all-over face mist that includes 13 natural oils plus propolis, aloe vera and fruit extracts. It gives skin a glowing luminous finish while hydrating and refreshing your skin. You can use Glow Mist before or after makeup. When you do not shake the product you can see the oils at the top so you know your getting everything that Pixi states that they have packed in to this doll. Once you shake the product everything mixes in all together you spray the product 5 inches away from your face after you have moisturized your skin. This will help add all the nutrients back into your skin for a healthier texture and appearance with a luminous glow. The dry time only takes a couple seconds once it hits your skin's surface. I was afraid that this product was going to feel sticky or tacky and it doesn't so that is a major plus. Then after you have applied your makeup you use this mist to set your finalized look to prolong the length of wear while adding the nourishment's your skin needs and a slight dewy glow. Also I have been using this spray after every shower and spraying it all over my body especially my dry areas and it has been leaving my skin  smoother in texture and less itchy. Due to my health issues and treatments  I have some major dry spots in areas of my body and this spray has really made a difference. OOH before I forget the spray mists a great mist it's not one of those that your gag and flinch every time you spray. So it disperses the right amount of product :)

 Well Dolls make sure to check your Target beauty section around the first week of March to check out Pixi's newest additions I know some of them are already being sold on Pixi's website along side with their newest Spring Palette that I can't wait to get my hands on. 

 If you would like any product or purchase information head on over to Pixi's shopper friendly website to view their full line up. 

 As always Thank You so much for stopping by until next time xoxo-C

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