Beauty Spotlight: Sigma Beauty's Makeup Collection

Sigma Beauty not only offers great quality  professional affordable makeup brushes and tools they offer a huge range of makeup products. Everything to create that perfect smokey eye with sexy winged liner or a simple nude eye look that will go great for everyday for work or school. To products that will aide you in creating those perfectly arched brows. 

Editor Press Samples:   I have heard about Sigma Beauty through countless Youtube videos and blogs and always have wanted to give them a try. I recently have been testing out their brushes and I have to say there is a reason why Sigma is hyped up all over the Internet because it is the best brushes I have tried out to date.  Not only do they offer a huge range of brushes for every aspect in makeup application but they also carry a great variety of makeup products. 

Lip Concealer $15

The lip concealer says everything that you will need to know in it's name. It is in an eye concealer base color that will mute out the pigmentation of your lips so when you apply any pigmented lip color you will only see the intended the shade of the product on your  lips. It is creamy and high coverage a little bit will go a long way. But be careful not to put to much on if so expect to see every dry, chapped areas on your lips become front and center. I did however notice that this prevented lipsticks from fanning and feathering into the creases of my mouth or that weird ring that I sometimes get from stains were I have lip product all around the perimeter except the center of my lips. Has that ever happened to you dolls? It looks like you had a 3 hour kissing session but you have not been kissing anyone lol. I even like to line the edges of my lips to change the shape so my lips can appear bigger or smaller.  

Lip Base $12

There is a total of 7 shades in the lip base collection. It is a self sharpen product that has the end  of the product in the shade of the lip base. So if you store your products upside down at least you know what shade your grabbing.  This is a multi functioning product you can use these as liners with the tip of the pencil then on the side you can fill in your lips. They are all a matte finish and can be worn by themselves or under another lip color. Texture and consistency of the 2 that I received are very silky and do not tug on my lips. I have used these by themselves for a Kylie Jenner look or under a lipstick either  way I do love the final look.

Final Touch Inner Rim Brightener $9

I have to say this is one of my new favorite highlighter pencils. I have strayed away from brightening liners like this one because my eyes always appear to be smaller and droopy and that's not fierce! This surprisingly does not make my eyes look droopy they make them look bigger and whiter. I even use this liner at the arch of my brow and cupids bow for highlighting. Even though it's a kohl pencil it is creamy and glides on your water line like ice skates.

Fall Softly Eyeshadow Palette $39

At first glance the fall softly palette which contains 12 eyeshadows that are mix of a neutral and vibrant pops of color that are matte and satin/frost finishes looks whimsical and visually appealing. The packaging is simple, sleek and light weight that can tossed in your purse and makeup bag if your on your way out. The size of each eyeshadow is a tad bit larger than a standard eyeshadow size in other palettes that are being sold in the mass markets. So you are getting more product for $3.25 an eyeshadow so I do think $39.00 for the entire palette is a pretty good price point. The shadows are silky in texture, minimal fall out, easy to build up the intensity of each shadow and they all blend to perfection. Every single shadow in the palette compliment each other so if you would to break the palette down into duos,quads, etc no matter what combination you use your final masterpiece  will look 4 snaps snaps of Fierceness! Speaking on that you have every shadow you would need to create a look so you will not have to reach out to another palette to complete a geared look your trying to achieve. There's great highlighting/brightening shades that will cause your eyes to look more open and fresh faced. Transition shades that will close in the gap and tie everything in  from your lower lid,crease and brow bone. Darker shades that  will instantly transform an everyday look to a smokey sultry eye for evening out with your friends or loved ones. The shadows do not crease or fade when used over a base, but if you happen to skip out be prepared to cut your wear time in half.  I love the whole palette in it's entirety and the variety of versatile looks that can be achieved. 

Well dolls after testing these products out from Sigma Beauty I am really impressed by the professional affordable high quality products. If you have not heard about Sigma Beauty go a head and check out their newly revamped website that is very shopper friendly. Where ever you live if it's the US or France Sigma ships world wide.

The 3rd and final installment Beauty Spotlight on Sigma Beauty will be up very soon, this new tool that they have released will change your brush washing game! 

 As always Thank You so much for stopping by until next time xoxo-C 

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