Rimmel London 2015 Provocalips and Showoff Matte Velvet Lipsticks Review

One of the trending makeup products for 2015 is liquid lipsticks and lip stains. Rimmel London recently released at the drugstores their new Provocalips and Show Off Matte Lip Velvets. If your looking for a long wearing lipstick that stain your lips and has a long wear time for a few hours these 2 new lip collections will be something you should look into.
Editor Press Samples: 2015 has some major trends from contouring to long wearing liquid lipsticks. Rimmel London is an affordable makeup brand that always comes out with high performing products that are up to date with the current trends.

The new Show Off Matte Lip Velvet liquid lipsticks offers a decent ranges of shades to choose from. The packaging is sleek and the handle is in a jagged geometric shape that feels matte lol. The doe foot applicator has a indentation that scoops up more product. So when your applying your lipstick it allows you to fill in your lips with 1 application without having to dip the wand back into the product to pick up more. The wand is also on a comfortable angle allowing you to contour your lips more  precisely for those of us who like to skip out on lip liners and prefers to line our lips with the product first before filling in the rest of our lips.

 The texture and consistency is creamy but not to the point it slicks of your lips.As soon as you apply the product to your lips it dries  instantinous and it feels a little tight but not uncomfortable tight. Now it does have a long wear to it but what drives me crazy is that it will stay all around my mouth except for the center. I have to constantly reapply the center so I don't have that I weird ring around my lips.
It is really drying on your lips so you will have to prep and moisturize your lips before, during and after wearing this lipstick. Another thing I highly suggest is lining around your lips with concealer because these get all over your mouth after a while and starts to look like a crime scene haha. The concealer will help in maintaining the product from going all over the place.

 Overall I rate these at 7/10 Snaps of Fierceness

Provocalips is another liquid lipstick collection that Rimmel has recently released. With this collection it is a 2 step process on 1 end you have the liquid lipstick and the other end you have the lock and shine lip balm/gloss. 

The packaging is so eye catching and cute! and a walking advertisement. Everytime I have this sitting on my desk or I am using it around people I always get "Oh what is that? That's so cute! Where did you get that from, What brand is that!" etc. So Kuddos to Rimmel for bringing the style from across the pond to the US market and making the product stand out. 

Both sides have a doe foot applicators but the lock and shine side is a little flatter.
The texture and consistency of the liquid lipstick to me feels like a cream gel based formula. After about 20 seconds the product dries down to a matte finish. As soon as it dries it becomes very tacky and sticky if I press my lips together if feels like they are sticking to each other and holding on for dear like Jack and Rose in Titanic. For me I have not been able to wear the liquid lipstick on it's own if I wanted to skip out on the lock and shine or a a regular balm. You will not have to build up the color of the lipstick because it really is liquid paint so the pigmentation for me gets a 10/10.

Step 2 lock and shine balm/gloss stops the stickiness of the lipstick and adds a moisturized shine and appearance to your lips. It does have a nice sweet scent  but it  dissipates after a few seconds after application. The texture is light weight non greasy and does not make the lipstick bunch up or move around on your lips. With other brands with the same type of product I would notice the lipstick would slick around  my lips after applying the gloss causing the product to go all over the place. 

After the two steps you do have a very long wearing lipstick. I know this will sound weird but if you swirl your tongue around your lips the product will not go any where! Not even the gloss! I am completely impressed by this collection, It's long wearing, kiss proof, you can eat,drink talk and this product is not going anywhere for a good few hours. 

Well dolls if you asked me if you could only buy 1 of the new lip collections and you wanted me to give you my honest opinion on which collection to buy. I would hands down say Provocalips. It just feels better on the lips and I just love the overall performance both are good but Provocalips is better in my personal opinion. 
Overall Dolls I rate these 10/10 Snaps of Fierceness.

Let me know Dolls if any of you will be picking up anyone of these, or if you have already picked one up let me know what are your thoughts and favorites.

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