Beauty Feature of the Day: Brazen Cosmetics


There are a million and one major cosmetic companies in the industry. Many of them are co-owned under bigger names example LancĂ´me is owner EM cosmetics, so we are more prone to purchase from brands that we know. Ever wandered out of the Major cosmetics industry and went and tried out an Indie Cosmetics line? Well you should! Today's Beauty Feature of the Day is Brazen cosmetics an Indie Cosmetic line.


Mineral Fusion Review Pt. 1

 If your a newbie to wearing makeup or a pro there are many different types and forms of cosmetics out being sold on the market. Makeup comes in many different shapes and sizes as well as formulations. You have your "Traditional Cosmetic" and you have your "Mineral Cosmetic" There are many differences between the two formulations of these cosmetic categories. I have tried different brands of Mineral based cosmetics for an example Bare Mineral,  but I recently was given the amazing opportunity to try out Mineral Fusion. * To Read full Review click to read more**


A Big Thank You

Hey Dolls, I am back from my little bloggy vacation and I am in full swing. Thank You to those who shown me so much love and support from the last my last post Am I a Women? I shared with the world a personal struggle and one of my many recent health diagnosis. I have been building up anger and some depression over everything then I have been going through this past year. ** To Read full Article Click Below***