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Pur Minerals is fastly becoming one of my favorite go to brands. Their products are all natural and will enhance your natural beauty, Pur recently came out with quite a few products to create endless eye looks that are perfect for the beach or smokey eyes for an evening out in the town.Then they turned their famous 4-in-1 powder foundation into a liquid foundation that will uphold through heat and sweat, and their DD Cream to protect your skin from harmful UV Rays and many more which can be purchased at your local Ulta Beauty and where ever else Pur is sold. Full Review and Swatches of their Secret Crush Palette, 4 -in-1 Liquid Foundation and DD Creme.
 Editor Press Samples: Summer is finally is here and the Summer 2015 collections are in full swing. I have some products that will keep you looking fierce during heat,sweat, and swimming. So let's start out with the most important thing which is skin protection especially in the summer time!

You heard of BB creams then CC creams and now Pur came out with their DD Cream

 This DD Creme is not your normal skin evener product its a daily defense broad spectrum SPF 25 sunscreen. Not only does this protect your skin for a few hours and can be used all over your face and body it doesn't have that sunscreen scent. But! It also moisturizes your skin making it feel supple and smooth and locks in the moisture and hydration while protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays and how the sun can age your skin pretty quickly without the added protection and the most important of all is protecting your skin from skin cancer. The texture is light weight and absorbs into your skin quickly you honestly don't feel like your wearing sunscreen and if you apply this before your makeup it will not disrupt your makeup if it's powdered or liquid.

Next up Pur turned their well known 4-in-1 powder foundation into a liquid foundation

This foundation will offer mid to full coverage that will cause your skin to look flawless. Minimizes the appearance of your pores, doesn't cling on to any problematic skin problems like enlarged pores, acne prone skin,dry spots and will not slick off your oily areas. This foundation will work on all skin types and has a good range of different shade ranges that any skin tone will be able to find their particular shade. This foundation reminds me of a mousse gel based texture that melts right into your skin during application. I suffer through major hot flashes due to some health issues and this foundation holds up during a full day of wear and a day full of hot flashes! So you know if it holds up during that it's going to hold up while your running around in 90 degree weather. This foundation is a demi-matte finish it's not a satin or a flat matte so it's right in the middle which I happen to prefer because I am not a huge fan of a flat matte foundation finish because my skin is already dull enough and using a product that will cause my skin to look even more duller is not fierce! You will have to touch up with powder once during 9 hours of wear I have combination skin and I noticed by hour 4 I had to dust some powder in my t-zone and I was good to go which is typical for the majority of foundations that are out in the market.

Summer time is when we use natural and fun pops of colors to gives that glowing sparkling eye looks. Pur's Secret Crush will give you those beautiful looks perfect for the beach or a night out in the town.

Secret Crush palette comes with 8 eyeshadows that range from a light pink to a deeper blue which is a nice change from a standard black shade that most palettes comes with.The palette's packaging is a pink light weight hard tin that comes with nice sized mirror. Only con on the packaging I found that it only opens straight up I can't pull the side of the mirror all the way down if that makes sense lol.

When you open the palette you are greeted by colors that pop out at you, you get a nice mix of matte to metallic like shades. 

The palette comes with a shader brush that is soft and of good quality that can be used in packing on the color to even blending out the shadows in your crease.

The performance of the shadows are great they are easily to build up and once blended they diffuse into each other beautifully. Some of the lighter shadows like Whisper and Lust do crumble a little bit when you swatch with your finger or brush. Passion is the most beautiful TRUE TRUE TRUE! ROSE GOLD eye shadow I have ever owned to date, I thought I had some good rose gold shades but until I received this one in this palette now I know what a true rose gold shadow is! I do like the metallic shades but was kinda of disappointed that 2 of the shades which are Admirer and Infatuation  in swatch are almost identical in color. And the last two shades Rendezvous which is a taupe shade and Rumor which is the deeper blue are shades that work better when applied wet and used to line your eyes. You can use these in your crease or outer v but they require a little bit of extra work they have a drier texture and for me personally when a shadow has that type of texture they work better for lining eyes then in a full look. Overall I do suggest this palette because you can create a decent amount of looks for everyday to going out and painting the town red.

These swatches are done with out primer, normally I do swatches over a primer but I had forgotten that they so you can see these shadows in their true form.

 Well dolls those are a few of my Pur Minerals Summer essentials that are a must have in my Summer time what's some of your summer essentials?
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