Maybelline Color Blur Matte Lipsticks Review

Maybelline Color Blur is a new summer 2015 collection that has recently landed in the drugstore beauty sections. These new Colorblur lipsticks are a twistable pencil cream matte lipsticks with a smudger applicator to create ombre lips. Full Review and Swatches

Maybelline Colorblur matte lipsticks are going to be a huge hit at the drugstore this 2015 I can feel in my lips and bones haha. Since matte and ombre lips is one of the makeup trends for 2015 and now Maybelline has took it one step forward to connect the two all in one product.

These lipsticks come in a long pencil like packaging with the one end is the lipstick and at the other end where you twist the product up or down you have a rubberized smudger applicator.

The lipsticks are super super creamy they just glide on your lips I thought that they would be a drier texture but to my surprise it's minimal effort to work with these.You can line your lips and fill the color in which I happen to like since normally I always forget to line my lips. They are rich in color you do not have to build up the color with one swoop around your lips and you are good to go. They also last about 3 hours with your normal talking,drinking and eating non greasy foods. They are a matte finish but  they are not a flat matte which to me they personally look and feel like a demi-matte finish. 

They do not fan or feather out on your lips or stick to any dry areas on your lips the only one that caused my looks to appear dry but didn't make them feel dry when I forgot to exfoliate my lips was I like to mauve it. But when I do my normal lip care routine that shade looks beautiful and is the perfect mauve for my skin complexion. But for all reviewing purposes I still got to let you know the deets! 

The only thing I was iffy about was the smudger applicator it really didn't cause the lips to look like a ombre effect, to me personally it appeared like I polished up and smoothed out the lipstick. If that makes any sense. I don't think the applicator serves as a purpose it's just there for no reason because after I have tried to use it and didn't really see that much of a difference I just stopped using it completely.


Overall I am loving these new lippies and can't wait to go pick up more of the shades that they come in. I was so lucky to have even snagged these up because they were not in the display yet but the wonderful lady at Walmart opened up the box for me and these where the first 2 she grabbed for me and I was like perfect!

They perform beautifully, they wear,feel and look amazing on the lips. What can a girl ask for more in a lipstick!

Let me know if any of you will be picking up any of these up or if you already have them I would love to hear your thoughts.

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