Laura Geller Summer Essentials

Summer is finally here! During the warmer months we tend to relay more on the heavy duty lasting makeup and beauty products. We need products that will protect our skin from skin cancer and premature aging of the skin, makeup that will last through the heat and swimming. And eyeshadows that help us look fab with minimal effort. I have some heat proof, sweat proof and swimming proof products from Laura Geller that has made it on my summer makeup essentials. Full Review and Swatches.

Editor Press Samples: During the summer I am all about products that will uphold through the humidity and makeup me look fierce with the least amount of effort. If it's my complexion products, and eye makeup looks I want something fast and easy. Laura Geller is the queen of products that are meant for you to enhance your natural beauty under 5 minutes or less for a look well put together if it's for work,school or taking the kids somewhere. So I have a couple items that I wanted to share with you dolls that has been a vital to my makeup routine this summer.

Spackle makeup primer not only evens out your skin's surface and uneven skin as well in  prolonging your foundation either if it's liquid or powder this primer has an SPF of 30, typically you will see primers or any other makeup product with an SPF of 15 well at least the mass amount of primers that I own.  The main active ingredients are 
The texture and consistency is a light weight cream based product that melts into your skin and creates a protective barrier against the harsh effects from the sun and premature aging of the skin. There really isn't a scent and the main part it doesn't feel like sunscreen. 

Inkcredible Waterproof gel liners are really INCREDIBLE! First the packaging is a black long sleek pen form, in the middle it curves in with a grip  making it so your fingers can sit comfortably making it more easier for us dolls to get a more precise application. 

These liners glide on the water line, are super creamy and luxurious feeling, once they set they will not budge or move if you go swimming, sweat your behind off, rub your eyes they aren't going anywhere until you use a makeup remover or cleanser.

This baked dynamic duo feels like your normal baked product. They are highly pigmented and easy to work with. Pink icing is a beauty mauve color and Devils food is a lighter chocolate brown shade. You can create a decent amount of looks with just these two shades. On days I am in a rush I like to you pack on Pink Icing all over my eye and buff the crease out with a cleaning blending brush and let me tell you it looks like you have 2 different shades on your lids and crease pure magic I tell you lol.

Well dolls those are some of my go to makeup products that will battle out the heat and not give out on me during any fun activities like swimming or any Summer adventure.

Let me know what has been your go to Summer products.
As always Thank You for stopping by until next time xoxo-C  

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