Freedom Makeup London Review and International Giveaway *Closed*

Freedom Makeup London is a trending makeup brand which is the sister company to the famously high street makeup brand in the UK Makeup Revolution. Many of Makeup Revolution products are the inexpensive alternative dupes for higher end brands such as Too Faced, Nars etc. Their newest company Freedom Makeup London is an affordable high quality performance makeup products for professional makeup artists for their mua kits they also sell products group together so you can buy a whole collection of eyeshadows or concealer palettes at a ridiculous low prices, but Freedom is  also opened to the public who just loves makeup and beauty products. Freedom Makeup does ship world wide and to the USA. I hauled some of their products and have a review and swatches of this latest launch also  I am hosting a International Giveaway because I love this brand so much I want to share it with others.

I have always wanted to try Makeup Revolution for the longest but when I heard that Freedom Makeup was launching I wanted to try this brand first because they were offering free world wide shipping if you spend more than 15.00. I placed my order on June 8 and received the products on June 16 was hella crazy fast shipping!

 I have quite a few products to get through so let's get this review and giveaway started!!

Their single blushes were only $1.57 I picked only 2 because I didn't want to go cray cray but I am regretting that I didn't! The two that I picked up are Beyond and Bare. Beyond is an exact dupe to the Nars Orgasm Blush and it looks beautiful on the cheeks. I went to my local Sephora where I am friends with pretty much all the staff  and I swatched the 2 together and all five of my gals there didn't know which one was the Nars so if they couldn't tell I am sure it's A DUPE! These blushes are highly pigmented, minimal fall out, and long wearing. They have a cream to powdered like texture and will not cling on to any problematic skin. They do not fade through out the day which was A MAJOR SUCCESS in my eyes especially with all my hot flashes.

Corrective Concealer Palette $7.87
This corrective concealer palette comes with 6 shades that are Yellow, Lavender, Mint Green, Peach, Mid tone skin shade, and white for highlighting. These are surprising amazing I thought they would feel like grease not easy to work with in blending terms but I was wrong. These are extremely creamy, easy to blend out on the skin and hold up through out the whole day and each shade will cancel out any imperfections on your skin.

Mono Eyeshadows $1.57
These eyeshadows are broken down into categories where you have base shadows,neutrals,dark ones for smokey eyes,neon shades etc. They are beautiful beautiful! They are super pigmented, long wearing, and magical to work with and you do get a great amount of product packed into this cute little circle. 

 Pro Highlight in Brighten

This is pure magic on your skin, adds the right luminous glow to brighten and awaken your complexion. A little bit will go a very long way, the shade is more of white beige best way I can describe it. Just becomes one with your skin and catches the light beautifully! Very silky and finely milled and no fall out. You do get a lot of this product which will probably last me more than a year, I love the texture and design of the product and I have used the part that is raised and I still haven't made a dent sometimes that's the section is the first to go away after a few uses with other brands. This will compliment any skin tone and I have even used this as an all over powder or for setting my  concealer to bring more light to my dull skin with a very light hand and I mean I get more compliments than ever on how I look refreshed and glowy but not to pow in your face.

Pro 12 Eyeshadow Palettes
I had to save the 2 palettes for last because OMG these are amazing. Packaging is plastic but sturdy, you can see the colors at the front which makes it super easy in storing your palettes and seeing which palette your grabbing for. The shadows shape and indentations remind me so much of the Nars Dual Intensity shadows and blushes. The texture are super creamy, very pigmented and long wearing. In both palettes I picked up you do get a great mix of matte,satin, and metallic shades. The matte shadows are comparable to the Too Faced and Tarte creamy matte shades and in color pay off. The only con with the metallic shades is that to get the best intensity is to pack them on with your finger or synthetic brush. The shades do not crease or fade on you and they transition into each other beautifully. 

Audacious reminds me so much of the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette and I like this blackheart shade in this palette better than the UD. The colors are perfect for an everyday look, or a bridal look. Loving both palettes but loving this one a little bit more just because I have been all about mauvey looks.

Overall Loving loving this brand and loving all the products I have tried so far I highly reccomend picking up some of their products to you!

GIVEAWAY TIME! This is an international giveaway for all my dolls who come and take the time to visit everyday and as a huge thank you and to share my love of this brand and one lucky will winner will win a $30 shopping spree on Freedom Makeup. Com or Makeup Revolution the shipping will be an additional to that so your will get 30.00 worth of product. If you go over 30.00 by a couple of dollars than that will be fine if it's $32.89 type of price I have no problem in paying a couple dollars extra. If the winner is from over seas you will have to shop on either site in USD so you know the price of each items in dollars and email me the list and your address and I will pay for it and have them directly ship it to you.

You must be 16 years or older if your under 18 you must have parent consent to in order to claim your prize. You must be a follower on my social media and no spam accounts or strictly giveaway accounts. If your profile on Instagram is private you must have it public the day the giveaway ends so I can verify all accounts.  Just follow the simple rafflecopter steps for entries and wala your entered!

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