L'oreal True Match Lumi Powder Glow Illuminator Review

L'oreal True Match Lumi Powder Glow Illuminator is one of the newest Summer 2015 collections that has launched in the drugstore beauty sections. The new Lumi Powder Glow highlighters come in 3 different shades that are for skintones with cool,warm, and deep undertones. Each palette comes with 4 different shades of highlighters that will perfectly match your skin tone.Full review and swatches.
L'oreal has really been hitting the drugstore beauty section really hard for 2015, they have released their pro line which contains their pro matte foundation liquid and powder, the pro setting spray, pro lipsticks and now True Match Lumi Powder Glow illuminators as well as a new  liquid glow primer / highlighter.
The one I picked up is the one for cool toned skin because I have been trying to find that perfect lavender highlighter so I opted to try this one out first. In this palette you get a lavender,blue, green and a beige highlighter,
The packaging is gold accented with a soft brush for highlighting that can also be used for contouring to get those precise lines.

Each product is pigmented, finely milled, no fall out and feels luxurious with a good amount of wear time. Each section is big enough that you can fit your brush in one color with ease during application.

Now a couple of things that I highly suggest stick to your undertone shade this one is for cooled toned skin and lighter complexions and for me personally each highlight looks the same you can see a slight difference but on the skin they look identical to each other that translates to  a whiter highlight. I am going to be exchanging this for the Medium skin toned powder in Rose and see how that works out for me personally. Even though the texture and consistency is silky and feels luxurious and at first glance you don't see any shimmer in each color section of the palette , but once on your skin you do see flex of glitter, and it's not that subtle or huge they are still noticable which I am not a fan of.


As you can see you really can't tell which one is the blue,purple,green or gold well atleast I can't they kind of all look very similar.

On Skin in natural indoor lighting

In direct sunlight

As you can see the glitters I tried swatching the top layer off thinking that it maybe it's just an overlay of glitter but after I took the top layer down you can still see the glitter on your skin.

This product works amazing feels great but for me the look just doesn't really excite me because they all look the same on my skin and all have that glittery look I can take on days I don't mind it but most of the time I am not a fan of glitter in my highlight. So this one is going back and I am going to try the one for my skin tone and see how that one works out for me. 

Let me know if anyone of you have tried this what's your thoughts and if your thinking of picking these up in the comment section below.

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