CoverGirl Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation Review

CoverGirl has recently released a whole bunch of  new products at a drugstore beauty section near you. One of their newest collections is the CoverGirl Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation. This new foundation offers to give skin even coverage and a natural glow that lasts all day. Full review,swatches and results.
Since highlighting and contouring is the biggest makeup trend for 2015 I thought that this line was going to be clever. We all want glowing radiant skin so when I saw this I had to give a try and since the original Outlast foundation was such a huge success and a dupe for the Kat Von D lock it foundation I was even more intrigue to see how this predecessor performed.
I paid around 9.00 for this at my local Walmart it comes in all glass bottle with a red pump instead of the blue one like the original had. You get 30 ml (1 fl.oz) of product and there was a decent shade range from light skin tone to a deeper skin tone so everyone will be able to find a true match for them.

The texture and consistency is not runny  which to me feels more  of a medium thick gel base consistency. There is no flex of glitter that I can detect which for whatever reason I thought there was going to be some shimmer but not that I can see. 

I do have hyper pigmentation and acne prone skin mix that all in with combination skin with an hot mess of an oily t zone area. I thought that this foundation was going to make my t-zone area more shiny and give the appearance of a more oilier t-zone area and it didn't. This foundation offers light to medium coverage depends on how many pumps you use. This does set quickly which I was super impressed with but it does set to quickly that you will start to see dry foundation spots so you will have to work more faster then you normally would some might find that a good thing some might find it a bad thing but whatever is your personal preference on that aspect. 

I did noticed that I can't go more than 3 pumps or it will look like a hot mess and your face looks like you took a whole mess of butter and rubbed all around your face. So for me it's 2 and a little tiny bit extra is all I use of this product.  

This foundation will have a minor  cling on to certain dry areas of my face like around my nose or chin depends if I forgot to moisturize but other than that you get a natural glow and you will have to touch up 1 time through out the day in a 9 hour wear time. 

I wanted to show the results in direct sun light and the most natural lighting to show you how it looks while your out and about.

As you can see it does have good coverage and it does give your skin a natural luminous glow in all the right spots. 

Final Verdict 
I think it's a great foundation for light to medium coverage if your looking for full coverage then this foundation may or may not work for you. If you have acne prone skin or mature skin it will not make those areas more noticeable or cause your pores to look enlarged. 

Let me know if your thinking of picking this up and what other CCG goodies you thinking of picking up.

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