Birchbox June 2015 Review and Giveaway *closed

Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription for women and men that delivers 5 deluxe or travel sized products that start at $10 a month. Trying out a  beauty subscription service is a great way to try out more beauty products from higher end brands and it's an affordable way to grow your makeup collection especially if your a beginner in makeup. This month's Birchbox June 2015 theme was Adventure full review and giveaway for this month's box.
Birchbox is increasingly becoming more and more popular amongst the beauty community and the mass market with their televised commercials and increasing ads popping up all over the internet. What's great about Birchbox is that every time you review a box you get 50 points after every 100 points you get 10.00 to spend in their Birchbox Store for full sized products. So technically your spending 5.00 a month if you break it down. This month every subscriber received 6 products in the first sneak peeks Birchbox claimed we all were going to get an Eyeko fat liquid liner but I don't know what happened but I didn't receive the Eyeko product so I am thinking of emailing them to find out what happened.

This month I  purchased 3 boxes 2 for review and 1 for a giveaway, since the last giveaway went so great I wanted to share my love of Birchbox again with all my fellow dolls. 

Box Number 1

This month Birchbox put a special code on the back of every box because they are having a huge giveaway and once you entered the code you automatically see if you won. I won a 20% off 50 and a 10% off a 50.00 order from the shop. Not that exciting!

Now the products I have received I basically received already because since I have 2 BB accounts I do get doubles of products a lot of the time. And I don't mind because it's like BB knows me so well they send me products I have fallen in love with and extra means the two or 3 adds up to a full size in my book! And BB has been doing amazing with their sizes they used to do more foil packets but thank goodness they listened to their subbies and they have been stepping up their game!


La Fresh Nail Polish Remover: This I am up in the air about it works good on some of my lighter nail polishes but my deeper nail colors it's a no go. I want a polish remover to take off any color not selected shades!

Amika Dry Shampoo: This is the third Amika I have received in between the 2 accounts for whatever reason in one of my boxes I received 2 of these in the one so I wasn't complaining but BB I don't want any more I am set!! The scent is refreshing and I can't put my finger it smells sweet and fruity just yummy goodness I hate scents that are sweet and fruity but this is amazeballs!. Really takes off the oiliness from your roots and adds a shine while making your hair more managable to work with especially if your have damaged,frizzy hair. If you want a little volume do 3 quick pumps at the root and scrunch up your hair for an added umph to your look.

Coola Sport Organic Sunscreen in Fresh Mango smells like mango and the consistency is a light weight cream that melts right into your skin. Gives you the protection you need from the harmful effects from the sun as well from early onset aging.
Pillow Pack Time!

Shiseido Ibuki Refining Moisturizer has a thin consistency and a little bit will go the longest of ways. This moisturizes your skin, locks in the hydration, makes your skin look supple and healthy. And causes your skin's texture to feel silky smooth to the touch.

Marcelle water proof eyeliner is a good travel sized eyeliner, pigmented, very creamy and glides onto your waterline and can be used as an eyeshadow or eyeshadow base. This color is perfect for the summer I like to line the inner corners of my eyes with this liner and then put a light pale yellow slightly on half of my inner lid on the rest of my lid I use a rose gold then in the crease I use a brown with a reddish under tone . That has been my go to look lately and have been getting loads of compliments.

In both boxes I received this state of the art hair clip lol just looks weird to me instead of the Eyeko liner which I am not happy about but the colorful  print looks cute.

Box #2

Real Chemistry 3 minute peel is to be applied on clean dry skin and this will remove all the dead layer of skin off your skin's surface. Afterwards your skin feels smoother and brighter.

Super Goop Play Oil Free sun screen is your typical sunscreen with an spf of 50 nothing to special about this one at least the coola smelled nice lol.

It's been a Marcelle Month this June lol. But no complaints another repeat offender but a good one that I take  out on parole every week lol. This BB Cream Golden Glow is in suite of one of the current makeup trends that are bronze bb creams that Maybelline and other brands are starting to come out with. The way Bronzed BB Creams work by is that they even out your skin but also adds that the subtle bronzed glow that a powder or cream bronzer would in the areas you would bronze at but imagine it through out your whole face but subtly, the Maybelline BB Bronze and this one are my top favorites at the moment and if your looking for a good one I highly suggest those two because they are more subtle than bow in your face.

Pillow Pack Time Again lol!

I died when I saw this! I received this in one of my first boxes and the scent is the best perfume I have ever used in the 30 years I have been on this earth ahha. But chilis it is expensive I think I saw it at 150.00 and I couldn't bring myself to purchase the full size and this size lasted for a while, because all you need is one spray and everyone will compliment you where ever you go.

Another Marcelle liner but thank goodness it's in a deeper blue.This color looks great paired with a shimmery satin finish  taupe shade on the lids and a matte taupe in the crease and ooh ya if looks could kill chili you be incarcerated haha.

Well loves that's what I received in my 2 boxes now it's giveaway time! One lucky doll will win 1 June Birchbox. The giveaway will end on June 24 and the box will be shipped to you as soon as the winner contacts me back after I have contacted them. Last giveaway the first winner that was randomly chosen never contacted me back and after a few weeks sending emails and not hearing a response I selected another winner, so if you are the lucky one if you do not contact me back within 48 hours I will choose another winner.

This is an international giveaway

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