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Pixi Beauty has been releasing an extensive range of makeup and skincare products for Spring and Summer 2015 that can be purchased at your local Target beauty section as well as Pixi's  website. While Pixi is keeping up with the current beauty trends they are still staying to true to what their brand motto is in providing beauty products that will enhance your natural beauty. Review and swatches on their latest Palette Bronzette eye and face palette as well as their LipLift Max lip plumper.

 Editor Press Samples: To wrap up Pixi's Spring and Summer 2015 collection like I have stated in the past in a couple key points it screams healthy luminous glowing skin, simple fresh faced elegant beauty. Petra always makes it a point to deliver her consumers prestigious, affordable high quality performing products. She always makes products that are multi functioning 2 of the products that I have been testing out for a couple of weeks is that and then some.

Palette Bronzette $28
Comes with 4 eyeshadow  trios broken down into highlight shades,lid,crease and eye liner shades. There are also 1 matte bronzer one 1 golden beige highlight, and 1 blush in a watermelon shade.

The packaging is a clear top with the signature Pixi green on the bottom in pink writing on the case it says what each trio can be used for in your looks. 3 shades for eyeliners, 3 shades for crease, 3 shades for eye lid hues and 3 shades for highlighting around the eyes that can also be used in the areas you would highlight your complexion. The packaging is light weight and easy to throw in your bag when your out and about. I do have a couple of cons on the packaging even though it's cute and you have everything you would need to create a look it does not provide the name of the shades I know a lot of the palettes that I have owned in the past from Pixi does not contain the names of the shadows. The other is that the packaging feels like it would crack while your out and about so you would have to be careful when handling it in your purse or makeup bag.

 I have compared the sizes of the shadows that come in this in palette with a standard single eyeshadow that is sold on it's own the shadow sizes are equivalent to half of a single shadow. I think that is a great value for the palette because you are getting that x's 12 and 3 full size face products. The texture of the shadows feel like silk and they are finely milled, 3 of the shadows do crumble/fallout when you swirl your brush to pick up product for application but it's very minimal. The shadows on their own are pigmented some more than others but over primer the opacity of shadows intensify. Now you might think in the swatches some of the shadows are not that pigmented well the reasoning behind it is that some of them are supposed to catch the light, add brightness to awaken your complexion. That is what Pixi is known for to enhance your natural beauty while giving your overall look that awakened appearance even if you only had 4 hours of sleep ;)

Eyeliner Shadows:
The shadows can be used wet or dry to line your eyes, during the testing phase and now that I have incorporated them into my everyday makeup routine the performance of the shadows worked better when I applied the shadows wet. When I line my eyes with the shadows or a gel liner I always use Pixi's newest flat liner brush to give my flick a straighter edge. The brush is a must have especially if your a beginner and want to create that perfect straight edged winged look. The texture to these shadows are a little bit on the drier side due to the fact they are supposed to be used for liners, but you can also use these to smoke out your outer v or lower lash line.

Face Products:
Dolls these are the apples of my eye I still can't stress the point of the amount of great products your getting in the palette just with the shadows but to get these 3 complexion products it just adds the icing on the cake. 

Matte Bronzer: 
 The matte bronzer is finely milled silky like 100 count Egyptian cotton. When you tap your brush on the product it just clings to it like a magnet.* loving my descriptions ah? hah*  The shade is not to warm or cool it meets right in the middle. Most importantly once blended into your skin it becomes one with your skin while making your facial structure more refined.

Golden Beige Highlighter:
 This highlighter leans more of a golden bronzer highlight shade but if you dust the product lightly on the tops of your cheeks and there areas that you would normally highlight. You look will instantly transform to have that golden goddess look just picture Jennifer Lopez! This is pigmented, long wearing, and heat proof. You can even use this is as all over lid color as well as a crease shade. One main key point for me is I love how I can build up the color intensity for a deeper color and depending on how the light hits your skin, the product shifts into a different shade like gold, cooperish. It's hard to explain but it's FIERCE!

Oh dolls, Oh dolls, I live for this blush like the other products! On Pixi's website it says a blush that will give you a touch of pink. But for me personally I don't see pink I see a watermelon color. Has all the same amazing qualities like the rest but it's that type of color that will just add the so much 4 snaps snaps to any look. If your rocking a mascara, lip gloss and this blush you look drop dead gorgeous and if you wearing a full face of makeup with a purple smokey eye it just pulls everything together. You can use this as an eyeshadow which I have done numerous occasions, you can dust it on the tops of your cheeks for a highlight. It has that color shift effect when the light captures it, but my most favorite way to use this blush is I like to build up the color by packing  on a lot of it to get a deeper raspberry color then I buff the blush out lightly. The swatch of this blush is not doing any justice for this blush.

Well dolls I do have to say this palette is must have and needs to be your Spring and Summer makeup collection. You have a variety of endless looks that you can create for your eyes and for your complexion. You are getting a steal with this palette it's a robbery but a good robbery lol! The only 2 cons regarding this palette as a whole is the packaging that I have started earlier. 

LiftLip Max Lip Plumper:

"Peptide - Infused lip plumper nourishes as it enhances your lips"

 The shade is in translucent Petal Ice comes in a long packaging with a doe foot applicator. The lip shade also has tiny hints of flex of shimmer in it but not to much that you will run and hide. I have tried many lip plumpers in my day and I have to say this one didn't burn my lips as much as the others have.It feels like someone is rubbing a cooling peppermint which I happen to really enjoy is that strange? Let me know in the comments if your like me!?It does plump my lips subtly not va va voom lips but my lips do look plumper and fuller after a few minutes from my initial application.

 Well Dolls as always I am in love with  Pixi's newest line up everything is great quality and great performing. They have loads of over products that are coming out and I can't wait to try those and share with you dolls my thoughts on their other newest additions. If you would like to check out what other Pixi has to offer head on over to
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As always Thank You so much for stopping by until next time xoxo-C

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