ShiSeido Perfecting Stick Concealer Review

Shiseido is a well known brand whose roots are from Japan, they offer an extensive  range of products from beauty,skincare, and fragrance. They recently released their Perfecting Stick Concealer that claims to diminish the appearance of dark under eye circles. Full Review and swatches

Editor Press Samples: Number 1 skin problem that many of us women and men face from young skin to mature skin is under eye dark circles. The skin around our eyes is the thinnest part of skin in our whole body. Since it's so thin that's why the blue and purple vessels are accentuated causing our dreaded dark circles to be very noticeable.  I personally think that concealers are one of most purchased beauty products in the beauty market because everyone wants to neutralize and hide them from the rest of the world.

Perfecting Stick Concealer $25

There's a total of 6 shades in the collection which are: 
  • Light
  • Natural Light
  • Natural
  • Medium
  • Medium Deep
  • Deep
I personally feel it's a decent shade range that any skin tone will find a shade that would be suitable for their complexion. The packaging of the product is a light weight sleek black tube that offers precise application as well can be taken with you when you are on the go for any touch ups you might need through out the day. Not only it can be used for concealing your under eye area but you can use it to hide and diminish the appearance of any discoloration you might have throughout your face and can even use it as a foundation. 

The lid of the concealer has a gorgeous design at the top which spoke volumes of elegance after researching what it means to Shiseido I fell in love with the symbolic meaning of the design.

The concealer itself is creamy in texture and happy medium in consistency that glides onto your skin with ease which is perfect for the under eye area. The coverage is mid to full with a satin finish that offers a brightening effect that will wake up your whole complexion for a fresh faced look. This product is in a category of it's own because not only does it do an amazing job of covering and diminishing the appearance of our imperfections it's very hydrating and moisturizing. When you buff out the product with your fingers or a brush the product melts right into your skin. Also another big thing to point out is a little bit will go a long way so the product will last you for quite some time. 

So if you have dry, oily, fine lines, wrinkles, mature skin, etc this concealer will not crease, slick off, cling or seep into any crevices around our eyes. Which means UNIVERSAL FOR EVERYONE!


As you can see I have major hyper pigmentation under my eyes, with this concealer it neutralizes and diminished the appearance of my dreaded circles. I have 2 deep lines that are near my tear duct that goes down like a cut normally I have a problem with concealers seeping into those lines and leaving me with droopy eye syndrome. As you can see in the results those lines aren't noticeable and my eyes are not droopy. 

 Well dolls overall I love this product the whole performance is amazing and most importantly the results are phenomenal.
If you would like more product or purchase information head on over to Shiseido's website at

Let me know in the comment section do you think you would pick up this product? Also if you have tried Shiseido in the past what is your favorite product.

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