OFRA Cosmetics Review

OFRA Cosmetics is one of the best cosmetics company that is out in the beauty market. They offer high quality professional makeup and skincare products. They also offer products for professional makeup artists kits and cosmetology school. I have a few picks of OFRA's products that will transition your makeup collection from Winter to Spring.
Editor Press Samples: OFRA Cosmetics is a brand well known and loved here on Cdel Beauty. To everyone in my personal life they know I am their Un-Official brand ambassador. Every single day I use at least 2 of their products in my daily makeup routine. I have not come across a product that has disappointed me. So I have picked out some OFRA products to share with you all that will transition your winter makeup into spring.

For the warmer months I always like to use a foundation that is light weight, satin finish and has amazing coverage but still looks like my skin but better. Absolute Cover Silk Peptide foundation is all that in then same while treating your skin while you wear it with the amazing ingredients and antioxidants. The consistency is a little bit on the runny/watery side but once applied to your skin instantly becomes one with your skin. It's heat proof, sweat proof and long wearing the foundation will not come off until you actually wash  your skin with a cleanser which is heaven in a bottle for me and my dolls who get hot flashes!!. No matter what skin type you have if it's dry,oily,sensitive or combination this foundation will not cling on to your dry areas, will not slick off your oily areas and will not irritate your skin. I do not have to set this foundation with a powder or have to touch up in a 9hr work day.

Marble Blush #2 has a whole lot of different shades going on. You have specs of  hot pink, gold, a light beige color but once swatched all together you get a gorgeous luminous rosy pink color. Which will add a beautiful glow and warmth to your complexion and suitable for all skin tones. And talk about how silky it feels when you swatch or apply it to your cheeks. The blush will not cling to your dry areas, if you have large pores, or acne prone skin.  Also will not crease or fade after a 9hr work day. *have you noticed I am constantly at work! lol* This blush is universal for all looks, occasions and skin tones. That's why I am loving this blush because it does so much with little effort. 

For Spring and Summer we all want to get our glow and bronze on. This is one of the best bronzer highlighters I own to date. And chilis you know I am a bronzer and highlighter hoarder, this clay bronzer is in the shape of a pyramid that has 3 different bronzer shades and rose gold highlighter. You can easily pick up any of the other shades with a brush. They product itself is so weird because no matter how much you swatch or if you swirl the your brush hard all over the product but after each use if you dust with a brush over the product and blow on it the shape of the bronzer will return to its original shape. I know sounds weird explaining it but it's soooo cool!!!  I like the range of different shades of the bronzers you have a light, mid tone, and deeper shade. And the highlight when the light catches it on your face you have the up most beautiful luminous glow on your skin.

Diamonds are Forever palette comes with 13 shades that range from neutrals to pops of color. They all come in a professional palette with a magnetic bottom where you can add to the palette to customize and make your own adding more de-potted products. The palette is study not flimsy the products will not slide all over the place if your dipping your brush to collect product also it is very light weight and travel friendly. The shadows that come in the palette are the stars of the show, they are all of a satin finish that leans jewel/metallic finishes.The shadows feel like cashmere, zero fall out, and most importantly the opacity of each and every shadow is bananas. They are rich in color on their own but over a primer each shade is intensified and even more vibrant. You can create endless looks for Spring bright eyed fresh faced looks, or when you want something for a night out on the town. Only con is that you don't know the name of the shadows they are not provided anywhere on the palette. 

To complete a full Spring look you need a lipstick that is season appropriate and the lipstick that I think will look great on all looks and skin tones is their lipstick in Petal.

What I love about OFRA's lipstick is that they always have the name at the top and bottom and they have the actual lipstick shade at the bottom. So if you store your lippy upside down you will know what shade you are picking up at all times. All lipsticks from this lipstick range feel luxurious on the lips, glides on the lips like ice skates and doesn't cling onto any dry spots around your lips. 

Well dolls these are my Spring Picks that will keep me looking Fierce for all the sunshine warm weather that is coming to me very soon!!!

Also if you would like to try anything from OFRA Cosmetics I have a sweet discount code for you which is "CdelBeauty" and that will take off 30% off your entire purchase off anything from the site so if it's for the professional kits,skincare and makeup anything you please!! 

 Let me know if any of you have tried any of OFRA's products in the comment section below I would love to hear your thoughts.

As always Thank You so much for stopping by until next time xoxo-C

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