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Stowaway Cosmetics is a new cosmetics company that has recently hit the beauty market. Their products are quite different from the average products that are being sold on the market all products from their line is small that you can just put in your pocket when you are on the go. Their reasoning for creating products mini size is that rarely everyone goes through a full tube of lipstick,blush, liner etc before the expiration date. Full Review and Swatches
 Editor Press Samples:  Here is what Stowaway Cosmetics is all about
"Our product formulas are simple, refined, and hardworking, eliminating any guesswork and offering just beautiful solutions. They are packaged in a thoughtful, minimalist, and portable way—because you are busy and are doing big things. Stowaway knows that if you’re on-the-move, your beauty products are too"

All the products are simplistic in all grey sleek rubberized packaging, the packaging will protect your product when you put the items in your pocket or where ever so they won't break or if you spilled coffee on yourself hey at least your makeup is protected lol.

Stowaway's full collection offers everything you will need to create a look when your on the go.

All the items may be small or even tiny to some people but don't let the size fool you all of the products are amazing quality and high performing. I have a few items that I have been testing for a few weeks now and I have even tested them by putting them in my pockets of my dress pants when I am work because it seems I am at work more than ever than I am home so I figured hooray for testing lol. 

 $15.00 ~ Stowaway offers 3 shades of lipsticks and the shade that I have been testing is Champagne which is a nude shade that to me has a peachy pink undertone. So this shade doesn't wash me out which I was sooo Happy about because my first initial thought was that I felt that it was not going to be a wearable color for me and my skin tone and personal preference. But I was pleasantly surprised that this lipstick is one of my go to lippies for the moment.

 You do not have to build up the color payoff, it just glides on your lips. And it feels so moisturizing on your lips, to me it feels airy to the point I forget I am wearing lipstick lol. And it doesn't really have a scent it's very minimal to the point like you can't even smell anything you know it's there but you can not smell it type of deal. The lipstick lasts about 2 hours with your normal talking and drinking but it feels so good on your lips that I will sit there and re-apply all day if I have to lol.

Effortless Eyeliner $10

The liners comes in 2 shades Jet which is a black and a Spice which is a brown. The liner is a jet black shade which doesn't tug on your waterline during application. It does have amazing qualities in how smooth and creamy it applies and the pigmentation. But what it lacks is longevity this liner does not last more than 4 hours before you start to see the liner under your eyes. I do have to clean up around my eye area and then reapply to keep the color in place to last until the end of my 9hr shift. I do suffer from hot flashes due to early onset menopause *I know I am only 30! do not get me started lol* But! for warmer months or dolls who suffer from hot flashes like me this liner will not hold up as good compared to other's that are out on the market. So can I get over the fact that I have to constantly reapply the liner and clean up the liner under my eyes in a way no and a way yes. If I am at work I do not use this liner, but if I am going somewhere just for a couple or a few hours then I will bust out this liner because it does have good qualities that I enjoy. 

Cheek and Lip Rouge in Peony $15

I had to save my favorite favorite product for last. This cheek and lip duo is the highlight of my life at the moment lol. This cute little guy is packed with nothing but amazingness inside. It is rich in color, and don't get me started on how creamy this product is ooh it's creamier than melted butter on biscuits. On the lips it is long wearing, has a satin finish, doesn't crease or fan or feather into the dry areas of my lips. Then  on the cheeks adds a rosy luminous glow to my whole complexion and will withhold through my hot flashes, does not cling to my problematic areas like large pores or when I have a breakout. Overall love love love! 

 As the products in a whole I do love everything minus the liner not holding up as long I would have hoped for. The packaging works for the purposes of sticking these in your pocket and be protected from heat or if you happen to sit on it your product it will not break. And who can't get over how cute little things are! Plus I think for the highend quality products for the affordable price tag is pretty great in my personal opinion. 
If you would like more product and purchase information head on over to Stowaway's website at

Let me know what your thoughts are on smaller products do you think you would see yourself purchasing products that are smaller? Let me know in the comment below 

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