Battle of the Boxes and Giveaway Birchbox VS Ipsy March 2015

March is that month when we are right at the door of Spring, so Birchbox and Ipsy for March 2015 have curated our boxes to fit the warmer months to come. So what better way to do an unboxing is to have a battle of the boxes Birchbox VS. Ipsy for March 2015 plus it's GIVEAWAY TIME! 
Before I begin with the battle and host the giveaway I have to give you chilis my personal thoughts and experiences with both Birchbox and Ipsy.  I have been subscribed to Ipsy for 2 and half years when I received my very first bag I knew that this relationship with going to be a long and happy one. Every single month Ipsy topped the last month and it kept getting better and better over time. At that time the products were mostly full size or amazing travel sizes but all the items in the bags were MAKEUP PRODUCTS!!. Then 2014 hit and I don't know but the quality of the bags contents just went down hill. Sizes become very smaller and they started going for 1 hair item, 1 skincare,1 body care, 1 makeup item,1 perfume. Kind of like Birchbox were you get the whole shabang but Ipsy stood out to me because they were promoting only makeup products. Then I started to receive damaged items or missing items more frequently. I started to think why am I paying $10 a month and only like maybe 2 of the items in the whole bag. I know a beauty subscription to is try new things but how can when it's repeat brands and missing or damaged items. So all that being said this bag was going to be the straw that broke the camels back if it sucked I was going to end my 2 and half year engagement with Ipsy and turn over and pawn my Glam Room because I don't want any remembrance of our long relationship ooh the dramatics haha.

 Birchbox on the other hand has really stepped up their game and each and every box that I have received I have loved every single product and use them up. Because BB has been upped their game and have listened to the feedback from their subscribers.They also have a better point scale than Ipsy for each item you review you rack up 10 points after reviewing 2 boxes that equals up to $10 to shop for full size products off of BB's online store. 

Ok now that I am done sharing my personal thoughts let the battle begin. First up Birchbox their  theme this month is "Creativity" There were 3 different box designs this month and the pattern that I received I am loving it. Birchbox's Rachel JoSilver said in a sneak peek that BB will start switching up the box design each month and that if we keep each box at the end of the year there is some awesome giveaway surprise type of deal. Which I use my boxes for storage for loads of things so save your boxes if your subbied to BB.

First item I have is the BeeKind Shampoo

This a foil packet but better lol, at least you can get 3-5 uses out of this shampoo. Stands up nicely in your shower which I appreciate, the shampoo scent is fresh and clean. Does adds a little volume and I am not into that because chilis I have loads of that and I don't want any more! lol, it's my least favorite product due to the volumnizing component but other than that its decent. 

Mirenesse Glossy Kiss-Cheeky Kiss
Oh chilis I love this product from here to where my bestie Oliva who lives in Albuquerque New Mexico. This is so pigmented, long wearing like a stain but still has a glossy finish. Doesn't fan or feather our on my lips. Once applied to the cheeks adds a gorgeous rosy pink warmth to my complexion while adding a luminous glow. 2 snaps snaps of fierceness for this double duty product!

Fekkai PrX Reparatives Intense Fortifying Masque has a heck of a long name! LoL! but you do get a really really nice size of this product that is packed to the brim. I can get a few good uses out of it, the scent is that amazing salon hair product scent. Leaves your hair feeling soft in texture, maintains the hot mess of the frizzyness at bay. I have always wanted to try Fekkai and I am so happy that I can finally try it through Birchbox and see what all the hype is about behind this brand. 

Cargo Swimmables Water Resistant Blush in "Los Cabos"
This blush is so cute, it's small but comes pack with a lot of product. The shade is in a coral shade with tiny flex of luminous specs. I was very interested in testing this blush out because they say you can even swim with this blush on and you will still see it afterwards. I am not swimming yet but I do suffer from major hot flashes and this blush held up amazingly throughout the whole day. The texture is silky to the touch, the opacity of this blush is cray cray I have to be careful not to go heavy handed because Oh chilis you can get a lot of this blush all over the place with one little tab of your brush. 

Embryolisse Miracle cream is a hyped product amongst professional makeup artists. I can see why! you can use this to take your makeup off even the toughest water proofed products. To being used as a moisturizer and a primer. You can use this product in so many ways it's pretty fascinating and each way I have tested it I am can see why this is a MUA cult favorite, it's that good! This is a cream based formula that is a little bit on the dryer side. Once it is  warmed up the by the warmth of your body it melts right into your skin. 

Overall this box gets a 10/10 for me,I loved everything minus the shampoo that one is decent but not  the worst either. I will still put the shampoo to good use as well with the other products.

Ipsy's theme Floral Fantasy 

The bag this month is super cute and I am loving how the  colors play off each other and it's bright fun and screams Spring and Summer. One thing that I can't stand which I know I was on a minor rant earlier but they are soooo into these 4 girls it's like they made them popular by default and they have stopped putting the products name and cost on the back of the cards and just plaster these girls all over the place. And did they really put  hair extensions on a table and took a picture of it to put on the back of the card! Sorry I just think that is sooo random. Hair on the sides with nails so did they put the hair extensions and their nails  on the table took a picture and said OHH YAESSS HUNTY THIS IS SO FIERCE LET'S USE THIS TO PUT ON THE BACK OFF THE CARDS. So sorry I crack up just playing that in my head some photographer with black glasses and a cardigan thinking that's the most brilliant piece of work to date hahaha. 

I have to command Ipsy for the descent travel size they have provided in one of my bags in a long time. I have tried this product from BB and I knew I loved it so having a backup was a plus in my eyes. The scent is fresh and clean, helps with moisturizing dry skin and is not greasy. So I am pretty happy with this product especially with the size!

This Pur-Lisse facial cleanser has the most amazing scent ever! I can't put my finger on it but it is just an amazzzing smell. mmmmm. It is your normal gel/cream based cleanser that doesn't dry out your skin after each use  which I can truly appreciate. The size is very good as well and it is packed to the top not filled only half way so I was happy to see a good amount of this product. A little bit goes a long way so I will get a lot of uses out of this cleanser.

NYX Butter Lipstick in Pops is a full sized lipstick, in a rosy nude shade that will go with any look and skin tone. Feels moisturizing on the lips, pretty good in pigmentation, lasts about 2 hours with your normal talking and drinking. And you can dab this color on your cheeks for a perfect blush to add warmth and youthfulness to your complexion. 

Evelyn Iona concealer is a perfect match to my skin tone, it was a little bit on the dry side so I had to add a couple of drops of argon oil to soften it up. It has light to mid coverage and once the oil seeped into the product it was very easy to work with. I think this is the first time in 2.5 years I received a concealer in my Ipsy bag, so good for them in branching out.

Vintage highlighter in Pink is a gorgeous pink highlight that shifts color once the light touches it. The texture is silky like cashmere, great color payoff, and easy to blend. There is not chunky glitter which is a plus and you can use this on your cheeks as a blush, an eyeshadow for all over lid color or highlightingn your brow bone or the inner corners of your eyes. Even though it's a tiny little guy it's still cute and I can pick up the product easily with one of my makeup brushes.

Overall I am pretty impressed with this month's bag I thought I was going to have to drag Ipsy into divorce court next month. But they got to live another month lol. Nothing was damaged,missing, or leaking all over the place. The sizes  for the most part were decent and it was more makeup items than other beauty products and beauty tools related that's why I signed up for Ipsy more makeup LOL. 

There Winner is and it's GIVEAWAY TIME! 

This is the first time in almost a year I have loved my Ipsy bag and as usual this is another amazing box of goodies from Birchbox. I am very happy with both subscriptions so I couldn't pick which one I would use the most products from. I am loving how BB is changing up their boxes and decorating them to fit the themes of the upcoming months. Ipsy with the exception for a few comes out with some of the cutest makeup bags. I happen to love this bag a lot and will use it for my everyday work makeup bag. This month has me to the point that I can't wait to see how the battle is going to go next month!

Now for the Giveaway!! One lucky winner will receive 1 month of Birchbox from me to you!! I love love Birchbox so much I would love to share my love with BB with one of you! I was going to do the option for either beauty subscription but Ipsy's wait list is 2 years long lol. But if you are selected as the winner and you really would want an Ipsy bag instead and wouldn't mind be putting on the wait list and I send you one that would be totally up to you. But! if you want your prize sooner and would give BB a try. Go for it and give them a chance I might get you hooked as much as I am!! 

All you have to do is follow the Rafflecopter prompts and your entered to win that simple! If you are a minor you must provide me consent from your parents that it is ok for you to receive the giveaway prize. It is an international giveaway and I will be double checking everything if you are a legit person and have  followed the prompts to the giveaway rules. If I contact you as the winner and you do not claim your prize within 1 week from my first initial email I will pick out a new winner.

Well dolls as always Thank You so much for stopping by and Good luck on the giveaway! xoxo-C

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