Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette Review and Swatches

Too Faced Recently came out with their latest Cocoa Contour palette from their Summer 2015 collection  that is inspired by the ever so growing makeup and beauty trend which is drum roll please CONTOURING AND HIGHLIGHTING! Every body is all about contouring these days to refine the facial features and many of the cosmetics companies from drugstore to high end brands are coming out with their own contouring and highlighting products and palettes. This palette can be purchased at your local Sephora and Ulta and where ever Too Faced is sold. Full Review and Swatches

 Editor Press Samples: Too Faced is really hitting it big this year their Spring and Summer 2015 collections has been a major hit. To see if this palette is worth the hype that it has been receiving just keep reading to see what I think of this gorgeously smelling palette!

In this palette you get 2 highlighting shades one is matte and one that is a satin finish with loads of glitter. If your not a fan of glitter all over your face then Pop of Light might be a turn off for you because you can actually see the glitters. So if you don't mind glitter you will love it! Light Cocoa is one of the best white creamish  highlighters in powder form that I have tried to date.

You Get 2 contour shades one is Medium Cocoa which is more on the cool side Dark Cocoa runs on the warm side of the spectrum. You can mix both shades to get a custom color or you can use one more than the other depends on your personal preference. I personally have been rocking with Medium Cocoa more because I like the more natural contour it gives me because in my eyes I am still a beginner. 

Each powder is super silky to the touch that it feels like your working with a cream product. There is minimal fall out but Light Cocoa was one that tended to crumble a little bit for me in swatch and application. 3 of the powders didn't cling on to any problematic areas but Pop of Light just stuck to my pores or to acne with the glitters being all over the place. So I wasn't a fan of that aspect of the powder. 

You get their famous Teddy bear brushes which is their contour buki brush which is super soft and of good quality that is in the perfect slant to create a good contour line. The product will cling on to your brush for easy application so you do not have to worry about building up the color intensity. 


Final Verdict:
 If your a beginner I highly suggest this palette this will give you the most natural contour lines with Medium Cocoa if you goof up no one would be able to notice. Light Cocoa is an amazing highlighter and Dark Cocoa is great if your more advanced. I could have gone with the glitters in Pop of Light and made it into a more Satin finish. I use that shade more as a eye shadow topper so I don't let it completely go to waste. I do think this is an overall great palette to have in your collection.

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